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In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Readers Books Club | Biography | Income | Owner

We all know that reading books can help us to grow in life as well as in career.

But due to lack of time and less motivation towards reading books we tend to procrastinate reading books and learning from them.

And because we are more likely to consume video content we want the information in the form of video such that we can easily grab the knowledge and grow in our life.

So, in this article, we will let you know about a channel where you can learn from books in the form of videos and grow in your life.

I know that you were saying that you had also said the same for Seeken but the difference between the Seeken youtube Channel and Readers books club youtube channel is that Seeken gives knowledge about all books whereas the Readers books club gives you the information in the niche of self-help, motivation and inspirational books.

Let’s get started.

Readers Books Club | Biography | Income | Owner

Amit Kumarr From Readers Books Club
Amit Kumarr From Readers Books Club
Youtube Channel Name Readers Books Club
Subscribers 819k subscribers
Started in Jan 19, 2019
Founder and CEO Ashu Lata (CEO) & Amit Kumarr (Founder)
Youtube income 4868 – $13.9k (According to the social blade)
Instagram Readers Books Club Instagram
Facebook Readers Books Club Facebook
Linkedin Readers Books Club Telegram

What is the Readers Books club youtube channel?

Readers Books club is a youtube channel that gives you a book summary in an animated form and they had now currently had more than 800k subscribers.

One of the founders Amit Kumarr of the Readers book club channel said that he’s not that a studios person since childhood but when he started reading books he felt that there’s so much that we didn’t know in this world and we can get the information from reading books.

And the same thing is missing by most of the people in this world so he thought of starting a youtube channel where he can give the humongous amount of information and knowledge from the books.

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What are the types of content Readers book club provide?

The Main content of this channel revolves around:

  • Self Help
  • Motivational
  • Inspirational

Who is Amit Kumarr from the Readers books club?

Amit Kumar is one of the founders of the Readers Books club and he’s the only one whose voice you hear each and every time when you watch the video.

He’s an IT professional and he’s having more than 15 years of experience in Training, Sales and IT and not only that he’s a leadership and sales coach.

Amit Kumar is very shy in front of the camera that’s why he used to do the voice-over behind the videos.

What are the revenue sources of Readers Book club?

The revenue sources of Readers Bookclub were:

  • Youtube Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsorships
  • Paid Book reviews

How much time does it take to make a video in Readers book cub channel?

The founder Amit kumarr says that when they had started making videos to will take them around 10-15 days to make 1 video but after that when they had grown their channel and new members had joined up it takes them 4-5 days to make a video.

Which is the first book of the founder of the Readers books club?

The Magic of Thinking Big is the first book of the founder Amit Kumar.


So, this is all for the Readers Books Club | Biography | Income | Owner.

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