What is technical guruji net worth?

QuestionsCategory: YoutubeWhat is technical guruji net worth?
Ankit Thakur Staff asked 10 months ago

Including all his income sources from youtube adsense to sponsorships to his company in Dubai, he’s having a net worth of more than 360 crores in INR.

Because he’s earning more than 1 crore rupees from youtube adsense alone which is more than 12 crore+ INR in a year just from his youtube channel and if we take 30 lakh rupees for unboxing a mobile phone (minimum for a million subscribers youtube channel) then it easily makes 1-2 crore in a week.

And technical guruji is doing youtube for almost 6 years then he had easily earned 100 crores of rupees so it can easily be said that his net worth is more than 300+ Crores INR.