Pritam Nagrale | Biography | Income | Websites | Networth


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Pritam Nagrale | Biography | Income | Websites | Networth.

If you want to learn blogging and Affiliate marketing on youtube then you have to subscribe to this person because you also want to learn about blogging and Affiliate marketing from an experienced person.

Because on youtube there are plenty of people who were making videos on Affiliate marketing and blogging were there because they wanted to earn money from their videos.

And very few had results of their own.

So, in this article, we will tell you in detail about Pritam Nagrale.

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Pritam Nagrale | Biography | Income | Websites | Networth

Youtube Channel Name Pritam Nagrale
Subscribers 152k Subscribers
Started in Sep 6, 2008
Age (Pritam Nagrale age) 42 years old, (21 August 1979)
Education Engineering from LIT in Nagpur.
Youtube Income $53- $851 per month (According to the social blade)
Networth (Pritam Nagrale Networth) 20 crore (Estimated)
Instagram Pritam Nagrale Instagram
Facebook Pritam Nagrale Facebook
Linkedin Pritam Nagrale Linkedin
Twitter Pritam Nagrale Twitter

Who is Pritam Nagrale?

Pritam Nagrale is a Blogger, Youtuber and a Digital marketer. He is the founder of Multiple blogs which were earning lakhs per month and also he had a big audience of about 152k subscribers on youtube.

Pritam Nagrale was one of the marketers who had started when there was an era of internet marketing.

He had started his online journey in 2009 where he had in to affiliate marketing niche where he use to promote different affiliate products of different platforms and started earning from it.

But then he started blogging because the affiliate income wasn’t that much and sometimes the accounts of those affiliate platforms got banned.

So, he got to know about Google adsense but Surejob isn’t Pritam Nagrale first blog earlier he was working in the tech niche but due to lack of interest he wasn’t able to grow that blog.

And also he had told in his videos that he was into MLM where he had made a good amount of money through online marketing.

Now he was successfully running 2 blogs which are and Moneyconnexion.

How many sources of earning does Pritam Nagrale have?

The sources of Income of Pritam Nagrale is:

  • Youtube Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Adsense (Websites)
  • Selling courses

Where does Pritam Nagrale live?

Pritam Nagrale lives in Maharashtra, Mumbai.

What are the public websites of Pritam Nagrale? (Pritam Nagrale blog) | (Pritam Nagrale website)

The Public wesites of Pritam Nagrale were:


How much Pritam Nagrale earns from his blogs? (Pritam Nagrale Income)

The income of Pritam Nagrale from his blogs were not disclosed but on average he was earning more than 3-4 lakhs rupees per month from google adsense.

What are the courses that Pritam Nagrale offers? (Pritam Nagrale course)

The courses that Pritam Nagrale offer was:

  • Affiliate Junction 2.0
  • Digital Marketing
  • Affilaite Express


Is genuine or fraud?

Yes, it’s a genuine website because if you don’t know let me tell you the founder of is Pritam Nagrale who is a well-known personality on youtube and were in the online marketing field since 2001. In his blogs, he shares ideas to make money online.

What’s the Surejob Review?

When you went to you will get a vast amount of knowledge but the main thing here is that many of the ideas and strategies were now outdated so if you really want to earn money online or enhance your career search for the things which are currently working.


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