PlayTestCloud – Earn Money Playing And Testing Games?

PlayTestCloud - Earn Money Playing And Testing Games?

In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about PlayTestCloud and how you can earn money by playing and testing games?

From childhood, we tend to play video games and computer games but our parents say that you can’t make a living by playing games.

But that was earlier now you can earn money online by testing and playing games and we will tell you in detail how you can earn money from it.

So, stick to the last we will tell you in detail about PlayTestCloud.

Let’s get started.

PlayTestCloud – Earn Money Playing And Testing Games?

Started in 2012
Offering Helping game developers to enhance their game and learn about what users think about their developed game.
Office AddressOtto-Suhr-Allee 145, 10585 Berlin, Germany
Owner and Co-founderChristian Ress (CEO), Marvin Killing (Co-founder)
Contact Number+49 30 35526749
Facebook PlaytestCloud Facebook
Linkedin PlaytestCloud Linkedin

What is PlayTestCloud?

PlayTestCloud is a platform or a website where game developers came to test the games they had developed with real-time users and enhance their games according to the feedback they got from the testers in PlayTestCloud.

The company had started in 2012 and there is a total of 5 employees and the company is situated in Berlin Germany.

The CEO and co-founder of Playtestcloud are Christian Ress and another cofounder is Marvin Killing.


How to become a tester in PlayTestCloud?

To become a tested in PlayTestCloud follow these simple steps:

Step 1: First go to the official website and then click on the menu option to become a tester.

Step 2: Then signup by filling in all the details asked in the form.

Step 3: After submitting the information you will get an email where you need to give a playtest which will be unpaid.

And after all the reviews and how you play the game, they will select you as a tester in Playtestcloud.

What are the devices that you can use to play in PlayTestCloud?

The devices that you can use in Playetscloud were:

  • IOS
  • Android
  • XBOX
  • Ipad
  • Nitendo switch
  • Appe macbook
  • Apple watch series 1to 5
  • Playstation

Can you share about the games you play in PlayTestCloud?

No, because you will have to agree on a non-disclosure agreement before playing the game where you can’t share any details of the game with anyone because the games were in the development phase so you can’t share anything about the games if you do share then legal action can be taken against you.

Where can you download playtestcloud recorder?

There’s no need to go anywhere for downloading the recording software for the play test cloud because when you signup you will get the link of the game as well as the recorder in the same email.

Is playtesting a job?

No, playtesting on PlayTestCloud isn’t a job it’s a way to earn money while playing a testing game and it’s not a job because you will not get to test a game every time when you signup with PlayTestCloud that’s why you can’t treat it’s a full-time job.

How much money you can earn through PlayTestCloud? | How much does a tester make on playtestcloud?

You can earn $9 USD for 15 minutes of playing a game and it depends upon how often you get a game to review or test and also depends upon how much time you spend on PlayTestCloud.

What are the things which are recorded when playing games in PlayTestCloud?

The things which were recorded during your testing of games were:

  • Audio
  • Video (Your Screen)

Audio because they wanted to know how’s your reaction while playing the game and your screen on which device you are playing the game.

How long does recording last in play test cloud?

It totally depends upon which type of game you will play and what are the things that the game developer wanted to test so it can be either 5 minutes or 1 hour so it will depend upon the game developer and play test cloud.

Why do you need to talk loud playing games?

Because the game developers wanted to know what’s your reaction while playing the game and what are the things that you feel while playing the game. That’s the only reason why your voice had been recorded and you had to talk loud.

How often will you get games to play in play test cloud?

It totally depends upon the PlayTestCloud side because there are several numbers of testers that are joined with them so there are no specific rules or qualifications they randomly select the tester but obviously the pro players will be given more games to test if they provide good testing and feedback for the game.

Can you play games with your kids in play test cloud?

Yes, you can play games while testing games in Playtestcloud but the thing is that when they will give you the game it will be mentioned in the game about which type of game it is and can you play with someone else or not.

How old is to be a tester for PlayTestCloud?

There’s no specific age mentioned from the company because there are games for the little children as well as for grown-up people so there’s no age limit found but to accept the payment you need to have a Paypal account.


So, this is all for the PlayTestCloud – Earn Money Playing And Testing Games?

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