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Who is Physics Wallah on YouTube?

The youtube channel physics wallah on youtube is a channel that initially started teaching 10,11,12 physics but when his videos started getting traction and when more students have started watching his videos.

Physics wallah subscribers (physics wallah yt) 4.6 million in 2021
Physics wallah Youtube channel owner name Alakh Pandey
Physics wallah app name Physics wallah (1 million downloads)
The contact number of the Physics wallah (physics wallah team contact number) 9161123482
Physics wallah Youtube income (physics wallah salary in rupees) | physics wallah monthly income from youtube 8 lakh rupees per month (minimum)
Website of physics wallah (physics wallah website) http://physicswallahalakhpandey.com/
Founder of Physics Wallah Alakh Pandey

He started making videos on Physics, Maths, Biology and chemistry for IIT-JEE (Mains and advance), NEET.

Now the physics wallah channel in 2021 had more than 4.6 million subscribers on youtube.

Not only that he had now several courses on free + paid which he hosted on his website.

The owner of the channel is Alakh Pandey from Uttar Pradesh.

Alakh Pandey is one of the famous YouTuber who teaches physics on youtube because of his teaching styles.

He has his own paid course and he had multiple teachers who teach many students on youtube as well as in his app.

The main purpose of Physics wallah is to provide education such a quality education at lower prices for anybody who had the burning desire to crack competitive exams and do something great in their life can by getting higher education from big institutes and still they continued that purpose and providing so much value to their students.

Which is the app of Physics wallah?

The name of the app is Physics wallah if you search on the Play store you will get the app in the first position.

 Physics Wallah

The app has more than 1 million downloads that mean many people had trusted this app and this physics wallah app has a 4.9-star rating on the Google play store.

How to contact physics wallah?

To contact Physics wallah you can write an email on this email id:

Or you can contact them on this contact number: 9161123482

What is the income of the physics wallah youtube channel?

The income of the Physics wallah youtube channel in 2021 is:

Who is Physics Wallah on YouTube?

As you can see above the income of the Alakh Pandey youtube channel (Alakh Pandey salary per month in rupees) is more than 8 lakh rupees per month (minimum).

We haven’t included the income from the paid courses which they sell and not the income of their website of http://physicswallahalakhpandey.com/

What is the name of the website of Physics wallah?

The name of the website of Physics wallah is: http://physicswallahalakhpandey.com/

Where to get physics wallah handwritten notes?

To get physics wallah handwritten notes you need to visit this website: https://www.physicswallah.com/

Here you will get all the notes from the physics wallah.

What are the social media handles of Alakh Pandey?

The social media handles of Alakh Pandey were:

  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/physicswallah/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/PhysicswallahAP?s=20
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/physicswallah/

What are the physics wallah teachers salary?

The physics Wallah teachers salaries aren’t disclosed clearly yet on any videos or on the web but if you estimate their earnings then it can be around 30k -50k rupees per month on average.


Why physics wallah is so famous?

Physics wallah is so famous because of its purpose if you have seen the initial videos of his channel he had started because students are spending lakhs of rupees for the course and many students were not able to purchase those course so, he had started giving all those courses for free in his channel and not only that their teachers teaching style is very good that’s the reason why physics wallah is famous.

Even the price of his courses was extremely low such that even lower-middle-class students can also afford it.

What’s the physics wallah earnings from the app?

The app is having more than 3 lakh downloads and if 1 lakh students have also bought the course then also they will be earning 9 crores 90 lakhs 90 thousand which is the minimum amount we have considered.

And it’s the income of 1 course if we include more than 1 course then it can be easily 15-20 crore rupees.

Who is the co-founder of physics wallah?

There’s no co-founder in the company but there are 2 directors in the company who were Alakh Pandey and Rajat Pandey both holds equal shares in the company.

Is the physics wallah paid course good for jee?

Yes, the paid course of physics wallah for jee is very good many students had reviewed the courses and they had said that the live classes and the notes you will get were very awesome and you can’t get this type of course anywhere else.

Is physics wallah good for neet?

Yes, as we have seen all the reviews of neet course of physics wallah and the course content, the live classes, the notes and most importantly the price is very low as compared to other competitors and they were more focused on giving value to students rather than promotions.

Why physics wallah is so cheap?

The main reason why the course is so cheap is that physics wallah isn’t into promotion on big events like IPL or any other things so that’s the reason why instead of promoting themselves on big platforms they were focused on providing value to the students which are mostly because that’s the reason why they had started. But if you go for Unacademy they were doing promotions in big events like Web series, IPL and many others that are the reason their courses were expensive.

What’s the physics wallah office location?

The physics wallah office location is: RK-27; KALINDIPURAM, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

How to mail physics wallah?

To mail physics wallah you need to write an email to: [email protected], [email protected]


This is detailed information about the YouTuber Alakh Pandey who runs a youtube channel on physics.

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