Perfect 5 trends: The Best video in the Universe

Perfect 5 trends

In today’s article on Youtube mini we will discuss on Perfect 5 trends: The Best video in the Universe.

Most of us don’t know who it is and what we are talking about.

But you have to know about this Perfect 5 trends.

So, let’s get started.

Perfect 5 trends: The Best video in the Universe

As we all know that Youtube mini is a mini version of Youtube where you will get all about youtube so we kept on searching for new topics over youtube.

In that process we found this process where we find this channel Perfect 5 trends.

If you had kids in your home and they watch cartoons from your phones then you will know that your children have watch these videos.

Becuase on Youtube kids section this type of videos were very popular.

So, coming back to the question what is Perfect 5 trends: The Best video in the Universe?

The perfect 5 trends is a youtube channel which makes videos on new and some weird technology mostly the cars and bikes which were around the world. The channel is mostly focused on making voice over videos mostly on wierd but amazing cars and bikes. The channel had over 1.22 million subscribers and the channel was created in Sep 2016 and till 2021 the channel had over 234,886,963 views. Because the channel owner hadn’t revealed the identity that’s why we didn’t have enough information.

But from here you can get a lot of opportunity.

Let me tell you in brief.

As you know that we all youngsters wanted to do something creative and be our own boss this thing can make your dream come true.

What you can learn from Perfect 5 trends?

Most of Youtubers or even in our some of articles we had told you that human face on thumbnails were very important but none of the Youtubers will tell you that this wasn’t have importance in Youtube kids as you can see in the below images that there’ mostly some interesting looking technology still they were getting millions of views.

Perfect 5 trends

So, if you had same kind of interest or in any other fields you can do make this type of videos which need simple editing and voice over and the result is in-front of you.

And now the motivating part for you.

How much money does Perfect 5 trends earn from youtube?

So, the most awaited question is that How much money does Perfect 5 trends earn from youtube?

The perfect 5 trends earn from youtube is: $3.4k-$54k

Perfect 5 trends

And if we take a minimum value we will get around more than 2.5 lakh Rupees per month only from youtube.

So, if you also want to earn money from youtube then you can also does the similar which can help you to make good amount of money and live an independent life.


So, this is all about Perfect 5 trends: The Best video in the Universe.

If you want to know more about these kinds of channels and youtube related information then you should subscribe to Youtube mini.

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