Nitesh Arya | Biography | Networth | Income


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Nitesh Arya | Biography | Networth | Income

Wanted to learn to blog and earn money online then this person can help you to earn money online from blogging and will tell you all the truth very clearly in the field of blogging.

So, if you are thinking to start blogging or already started blogging then you need to listen to Nitesh Arya to learn and grow in blogging.

Let’s get started.

Nitesh Arya | Biography | Networth | Income

Nitesh Arya
Youtube Channel Name Nitesh Arya
Subscribers 11.3k subscribers
Started in Oct 4, 2018
Real Name Nitesh Kumar Singh Ayra (Rocky Singh Arya)
Networth (Nitesh Arya networth) He’s a Millionaire
Email Address [email protected]
Contact number +91-8240630872
Youtube income $3 – $53 per month (According to the social blade) (He’s less active because he had multiple business and blogging work)
Instagram The Nitesh Arya Instagram
Facebook The Nitesh Arya Facebook

Who is Nitesh Arya?

Nitesh Arya or The Nitesh Arya is a youtube channel who’s having more than 11k subscribers on youtube he’s a web developer, designer, Seo expert and full-time blogger. He had more than 150 websites of his own running and earning plenty of money from his websites. He had more than 6 years of experience in the field of blogging.

On youtube, he mostly prefer to go live because of his plenty of business and blogging work he doesn’t have the time to edit and shoot a video.

He recently told in his live video that he’s building an Ashram and not only that he’s also launching a political party of his own in his area. So, he’s in many business and other things.

But you can say that in the blogging field he’s having plenty of experience and knowledge.

That’s the reason why he’s a millionaire.

How much Nitesh Arya earns from Blogging?

In one of his live sessions on Youtube, he had said that he was earning 10-12 lakhs rupees per month from blogging.

What is the public website of Nitesh Arya?

The public sites of Nitesh Arya were:


What are the course does Nitesh Arya offers?

The course that Nitesh Arya offers is one of the best SEO course in Hindi in the blogging field on youtube.

  • Nitesh Arya Seo course
  • Nitesh Arya Web design course

What is the price of the Nitesh Arya course?

The price of the Nitesh Arya course is Rs.1999.

What are the things which you will get additionally in the Nitesh Arya course?

In the course as a bonus you will get:

  • Free custom designed theme
  • Free keywords list
  • Free web design course


So, this is all for the Nitesh Arya | Biography | Networth | Income.

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