Modi Rojgar Do: What will happen on 25 February?


In today’s article, we will be talking about Modi Rojgar Do which is trending on both Twitter and on youtube.

And in youtube mini, we will get to know that what is the main purpose of this digital strike that will be running.

Not only that we will also look at what will happen on 25 February?

So, let’s get started.

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What is the Modi Rojgar Do hashtag on Twitter?

Modi Rojgar Do

As we all know that unemployment is one of the main factors which is biting our India.

Where most of the youth hadn’t the job after they were graduating or after writing exams.

And as we all know that in corona period there is a huge lack of jobs and those who were doing the job were earlier were now unemployed or working for lower payroll.

We all know that in India there is an exam called SSC which is happened in 2020 and was supposed to happen in 2019.

And it had happened in 2020 and the result were declared in 2021.

After the results were declared this Modi Rojgar Do was started trending on all the social media platforms like Twitter, youtube.

Where students had said that there marks had been deducted after the cut- off has been declared.

And some of students who had scored 200/200 were not get selected.

What will gonna happen on 25 February on Twitter?

Students, teachers and all other people who were unemployed yet have decided to run the campaign of Modi Rojgar Do on Twitter.

Where all the people were get together on Twitter and they will make this digital strike bigger than any other strike.

Such that Modi government has to take a step on the unemployment of the youth and the scam which is happening on government exams like SSC.

Watch this youtube video to know more:


Now, we had to see that what will happen on 25 FEB which is tomorrow and what action will take by the government on Modi Rojgar Do digital strike.

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