Maria Clara E Jp : [26.2 million subscribers] Kids YouTube Channel

maria clara e jp

In today’s article we will be discussing about Maria Clara E Jp : [26.2 million subscribers] Kids YouTube Channel.

If you don’t know who were Maria Clara E Jp in brazil then you were missing out a lot.

Because these kids were pretty famous in brazil.

And we will tell you all about them in this article.

So, let’s get started.

Maria Clara E Jp : [26.2 million subscribers] Kids YouTube Channel

If you live in brazil then you should know about Maria Clara E Jp these were the kids who had established them as kids YouTubers who were having 26.2 million subscribers in 2021.

But in the web there wasn’t a detailed information about them.

So, in Youtube mini you will get everything about them.

Maria Clara is 9 years old and his brother Jp is 12 years old YouTubers where they upload videos on different stories, games, and lots of funs.

The content of the channel is basically related to kids but whole family can also watch their content.

They are so much popular that they had their own merchandise and toys if you want to purchase Maria Clara & JP toys you can go through this website: Americanas

And they were ranked 9th in Brazil on kids youtube channel according to social blade.

Where can you purchase maria Clara e jp bonecos?

To purchase maria clara e jp bonecos follow these simple steps:

1.Go to

2.Search for maria clara e jp bonecos or maria clara e jp

Then you will get all their dolls, books and many more.

Which are the most searched videos of Maria Clara e jp?

The most searched videos were:

1.Maria clara e jp o chao e lava

And this is not all after this video of their channel got viral on youtube they had launched a separate maria Clara e jp games or you can say toy of it.

Which you can buy from Americanas.

2.Maria clara e jp slime

Where does maria Clara e jp live?

Maria Clara e jp moram in brazil the actual location wasn’t disclosed yet by them.

What are the maria Clara e jp musica?

There are over 12 songs of maria clara and jp in which 2-3 songs were very popular that are:

  • Bath song
  • OBDC song
  • DE castigo

How much do Maria Clara and jp earn?

The maria Clara e jp ganham no youtube is– $125.4k (minimum) per month when you convert it into Real it will be around 6,69,999.66 Brazilian Real.

Who were the family members of maria Clara and jp?

The membros da família de maria clara e jp são :

Maria Clara E Jp

His dad, her mom (Ana Carolina Melo) and Maria clara and Jp.


So, this is all for Maria Clara E Jp : [26.2 million subscribers] Kids YouTube Channel.

If you want to know more about Youtube then you can read our other articles on Youtube mini.

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