Manoj Dey: A Village Boy to Earning in Lakhs

Manoj Dey

In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Manoj Dey: A Village Boy to Earning in Lakhs.

There was a time when nobody knows Manoj Dey because he wasn’t popular because he doesn’t have many subscribers.

I was following him when he was in his maybe 5k-10k subscribers on youtube.

So, in this article, we will give you all the details about Manoj dey.

Let’s get started.

Manoj Dey: A Village Boy to Earning in Lakhs

Manoj Dey
Youtube channelsManoj Dey ,Manoj dey vlogs
SubscribersManoj dey: 2.07 million subscribers
Manoj dey vlogs: 487k subscribers
GirlfriendJyoti Shree (Rumoured)
Manoj dey Mobile number7004173545
Instagram@manojdey Instagram
Twitter@manojdey Twitter
Facebook@manojdey Facebook
Income (Manoj dey Networth) | (Manoj dey monthly income)Manoj dey channel: $2.9K – $46.7K (Minimum 1lakh INR) (According to the social blade)
Manoj Dey vlogs: $494 – $7.9K (Minimum 36k INR)

Sponsorships aren’t included
Live in Jharkhand
Birthday (Manoj dey Age)12 July 1996 (25 years)

Where is the Wikipedia page of Manoj Dey?

There is no Wikipedia page of Manoj Dey because Manoj Dey is still not that much popular yet he had 1 million subscribers on Youtube.

What editing software does Manoj Dey use?

In one of his Instagram videos, he had shown us that he is currently using Filmora for editing his videos.

Why is everyone roasting Manoj Dey on YouTube?

We all know that why anyone roasts any YouTuber because they were small and when they roast a YouTuber they got views and fame that’s the only reason why people were roasting Manoj dey.

How did Manoj Dey become a big YouTuber?

I am following Manoj Dey when he was having 10k subscribers he had worked very hard and whatever tips and tricks he used in his channel he shared with us and the main reason why he became so big is that he made videos on trending topics which gives him massive growth over youtube.

Does Manoj Dey receive products for reviews?

Earlier he use to receive products from youtube but now he used to get sponsorships from many different apps.

Can Manoj Dey, the YouTuber, do 1 crore subscribers in the next 1 year?

Yes, he can he’s now had more than 1.67 million subscribers on Youtube on his main channel but the only thing which can give him 1 crore subscribers is something that will be trending for more than 1 month just like how carryminati one video had given him 20 million subscribers on the topic of youtube vs TikTok.

What’s the relation between Manoj dey and Jyoti Sharma?

The relation between Jyoti Shree and Manoj dey is nothing more than friends and they have cleared all these things in this video.

How many phones does Manoj dey have?

Manoj dey had 3 phones: Oneplus, iPhone 11 and 12

Which bullet does Manoj dey has?

The bullet of Manoj dey is: Royal Enfield classic 350

Which car Manoj dey has?

The car of Manoj dey is : Maruti celerio X

Which camera does manoj dey use to shoot his videos?

The camera that Manoj dey use to shoot his videos were: Canon 200D, Canon 90D

What is the name of Manoj dey dog?

The name of Manoj dey dog is: Rio

Which laptop does manoj dey use?

The laptop that Manoj dey uses to edit his videos were: Mackbook pro, Hp

Is there any website of Manoj dey?

No, there is no official website of Manoj dey yet.


So, this is all for Manoj dey and his life.

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