▷ Mangatx (2022): Read Latest Manga Online For [Free]

If you are one of those who was always wanted to read the latest manga like the old days in the forms of comics?

Now, the problem here is that we didn’t get the old manga to read so we search for whether we can find or read it for free online, but cannot able to find one.

After analysing more than 800+ websites from internet we had found one of the best resource from where you can read latest manga for free and this information is backed by our 4+ years of experience in this field of Digital marketing and as a SEO professional.

In this article we will tell you a resource which we had found after searching which is mangatx.

Let’s get dive into it.

▷ Mangatx (2022): Read Latest Manga Online For [Free]

WebsiteMangatx | Manga tx
Started in2019-09-20
Content-Type Manga magazines website
OwnerNot known
Apk (Mangatx Apk download)Mangatx Apk (mangatx app)
TelegramMangatx Telegram
Traffic18.6 million traffic per month (According to Aherfs)

What is Mangatx?

Mangatx is an online resource where you can read the latest manga comics for free without any restrictions.

This website is created by manga fans who have once faced the same issue that they can’t able to find the resources where they can read the latest manga comics online for free so, they had created this website where other people can read it for free.

That’s the reason why the website is getting more than 18 million of traffic from all the manga lovers & fans.

Because providing Manga related content isn’t considered to be illegal that’s why you will find different types of websites doing the same.

How to read the manga comics from manga tx website?

To read the manga comics from manga tx website follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the official website of manga tx which is: https://mangatx.com/

Step 2: Then select the manga comics you want to read.

Step 3: Now after selecting the manga comics now you can read them for free online.

How to download the mangatx apk? (mangatx apk download)

To download the mangatx apk follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to this mangatx app link: APK

Step 2: Then click on the download button

Step 3: After clicking on the download button your download will automatically start.

What are the latest manga leaked by manga tx?

The latest manga leaked by manga tx were:

  • Return of the Mount Hua Sect
  • Super Cube
  • Martial God Asura
  • Villain To Kill
  • I Log In Alone
  • Versatile Mage
  • Solo Max-Level Newbie
  • Beginner’s Test for Infinite Power
  • Martial Peak
  • Seoul Station Necromancer
  • Rise From The Rubble
  • The Lone Necromancer
  • Pupillary Master
  • Above All Gods

How does the mangatx website work?

In mangatx website hosts, all the manga comics are on their own website and because all these manga comics were just pdf it can be easily hosted on their website and it doesn’t slow down the website and whenever the users click on any of the manga it automatically loads and then users can easily read the manga for free.

The active or live link of manga tx is: https://mangatx.com/

How much traffic does the mangatx website gets per month?

The traffic that mangatx gets per month is: 18.6 million traffic per month.

What are other domains names and URLs of manga tx?

The other domains names and URLs of manga tx were:


What are the income sources of the mangatx?

The income source of mangatx were:

  • Right now they had not any monetisation

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What are the features of the manga tx?

The features of the manga tx were :

  • Easy to read the manga online
  • Easy to navigate through the website
  • No popup ads

The things that had made mangatx so popular is that first, they were providing the solution for all the readers who were willing to read the manga comics and secondly they were not implementing any monetisation or popup ads that’s what makes this website so popular.

What is the category of manga which were available on manga tx?

The category of manga that were available on manga tx were:


What are the most searched keywords in mangatx?

The most searched keywords in mangatx were:

  • mangatx
  • mangatx com
  • mangatx app
  • tales of demons and gods mangatx

Is it safe to use the manga tx to read the manga comics?

Yes, it’s safe to use the manga tx because first they had the copyrights and another thing is that they were not using any spammy ads.

Yes & No both because they were hosting all the manga comics but they hadn’t all the rights still so it is illegal and legal both.

What are the other alternatives of manga tx? (manga tx alternatives)

The other alternatives of the website of the manga tx were:

Disclaimer: Piracy is illegal and a punishable offence. The purpose of this article is to provide information to you only. It is not our intention to encourage or promote Piracy and Illegal activities in any way.


So, this is all for the ▷ Mangatx (2022): Read Latest Manga Online For [Free].

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