Are Mamaearth products really good as so many YouTubers are showing their benefits?


In today’s article of Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Mamaearth products and does mamaearth products were really good?

Because most of the youtubers on Youtube were promoting it heavily.

So, we will find the answer that really mama earth products really worth it.

Let’s get started.

Are Mamaearth products really good as so many YouTubers are showing their benefits?

As you all know that we had another youtube channel where we had more than 26k subscribers and have an engaging audience.

So, we had done a poll about mama earth products to know what the people or viewers think about it.

And here’s what we get to know.

Mamaearth products
Mamaearth products review
Mamaearth products review

So, 80% of people say that they don’t buy it no matter how much the Youtuber they follow promote it.

And when you see the comments of the subscribers you get to know that the mamaearth is overpriced and most of the subscribers were not getting the results the mamearth products had promised.

Some of the viewers also get negative impacts from the products on their skin.

So, from a user perspective, we get to know that most of the users over youtube were not using it for them but there are 20% of the audience who is using the products.

But the main thing here which we had noticed is that the mamaearth products review were not so good over the internet no matter how they were promoting their products.

Why does every YouTuber is recommending Mamaearth products?

The main aspect why Why does every YouTuber is recommending Mamaearth products is that they were getting money to promote the product.

If you are watching a YouTuber using it in the video and recommending to you that particular product and you were blindly buying it because your favourite YouTuber was promoting it then you are being fooled.

Because not all the YouTubers were true to their audience you also don’t know that the YouTuber is really using it for him or her, or they were only showing you 1-2 times using that particular product.

From this, there were only 2 people who were getting benefits one the company which promoting products and generating sales and the YouTuber who were getting money to promote the products.

That’s the only reason most of the youtubers were promoting the products.

Why Mamaearth company is heavily promoting its products when not all people were buying them?

Here the brand mamaearth is playing with human psychology.

Let me tell you one thing.

When you go to a place which you don’t know or you buy something which you don’t know?

Because someone you trust was recommending you the place or product.

The same goes for the youtubers, they had created a name and a trust over a long period of time in their audience mind.

That’s what the big company were using it because when all the YouTubers whom you trust saying that mamaearth products were very good and natural you subconsciously believe in it.

Because you don’t trust the company but you trust youtubers.

How many of you tried MamaEarth products? What are your reviews of MamaEarth products?

The mamearth product review wasn’t that good deep down.

And the actual reviews of these products were not shown to the audience.

I am not saying that the products were bad or didn’t work it will work differently to different kinds of skins.

But the fact is that not many people were purchasing it at the ground level because it’s a little bit expensive and at the same time some people know that YouTubers were only promoting that product because they were getting money for it.

For me the reviews of mamaearth products were the same they are a little bit expensive and created a hype of it.

And that’s what most of the users on youtube think.

What are effective ways to market new cosmetic products?

The best way to market any product is to understand human psychology and that’s what most of the big companies were doing.

For example, BMW made luxury cars he didn’t run ads on any platforms but still, users were purchasing it no matter how expensive the car is.

But what BMW had done is that they had created a brand perception or put in the mind of viewers that it gives you a class or staus when you ride it.

That’s how they triggered human emotions and that’s the reason why people were buying the BMW cars.

So, to market new cosmetic products in 2021 the effective way is Influencer marketing where you have already a targeted audience that influencers had made.

And the audience listens to influencers and if you pay them to promote your product to their audience then there are more chances of conversion rather than running ads and spending a lot of money on it.


How much Mamaearth pay to YouTubers?

The amount of money paid to YouTubers depends upon how many subscribers and views they got in every video they had on their channel.

So, if you had 100k subscribers then they will give you 50k-60k for promotions. And if you had 1 million subscribers then the least amount a brand can pay you will be around 1-2 lakh rupees.

Mamaearth products good or bad?

As per the review for some of the users, the products work but most of them hadn’t get good results and have negative effects on their skin but the main point is that this product isn’t made for all types of skins it’s a general product so many time it doesn’t suit a person who is using it.

Maybe if you have sensitive skin then make sure you consult your doctor.

Why is Mamaearth so expensive? | Why Mamaearth products are costly?

Because they had spent crore of rupees in advertising and brand promotion so they had to raise the product price then only they will get the profit that’s the only reason why the products were expensive.


So, this is all about mamaearth products and why every YouTuber were promoting them to their audience.

Let me ask you a question that you also buy those products which your favourite YouTuber promotes to you?

Let me know in the comment box.

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