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In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about M4 Tech | Biography | Youtube Income | Real Name

We all belong to different parts of the countries but we think that creating a youtube channel in our native language will not make us grow to the heights where the big creators are.

But in this article, we will tell you about a youtube channel that had reached great heights and started making only in their regional languages.

So, let’s get started.

M4 Tech | Biography | Youtube Income | Real Name

Youtube channel name M4 Tech
Subscribers 7.05 million subscribers
Started in Apr 16, 2017
Real Name Geo Joseph
Age 24 years
Father Joseph M J
Mother Lissy K V
Education Electrical engineering in polytechnic
Worked in Qatar for some time and then came back to his native place
Contact number/ Email [email protected]
Youtube income (m4 tech youtube channel monthly income) $6.9K – $110.6K per month (According to the social blade) (5 Lakhs INR per month minimum)
Instagram M4 tech Instagram
Facebook M4 tech Facebook

What is M4 tech?

M4 tech is a Malayalam youtube channel based on Kerela which is having more than 7.05 million subscribers on youtube. The youtube channel make DIY and experiments videos that were mostly made to provide information to the people who also wanted to create something on their own.

The owner of the channels lives in the village of Kerela (which is also known as God’s owned country). The idea behind making the youtube channel is to provide knowledge and ideas but not what already other people were doing on youtube in the DIY and Science niche.

When he went out of his house many fans who watch his videos meet him and talk to them which makes the owner of the channel very happy.

Since childhood, Geo Joseph teachers said to his mom that in future he will become a scientist because he had so much interest in electronics and science.

After he completed his electrical engineering (polytechnic) then he went to Qatar for a job and worked for some time there but then he went back to his native place and started pursuing his passion for vlogging.

And he tells that he’s the half part of the success of his M4tech channel and the other half is because of Praveen.

Other than that many children’s from his village had also started their own youtube channel by looking at M4tech and when he get to know about them he started showing him support and helps them.

How many channels does M4 tech have?

M4tech had 4 channels on youtube:

  • M4 tech
  • M4 tech vlog
  • M4 tech shorts
  • Mini world

What’s the official website of M4 tech? (m4 tech blog)

The official website of M4tech is: M4tech.in

Which is the first video of M4 tech?

The first video of M4 tech is: Best coin magic tricks revealed!MALAYALAM!

Who is the owner of the M4 tech youtube channel?

The owner of the channel is: Geo Joseph and Praveen Joseph


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