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In Today’s article on Youtube Mini we will discuss on the topic of LUCCAS NETO- LUCCAS TOON.

We all wanted to live a dream life but do you know how LUCCAS NETO- LUCCAS TOON had already lived that life on youtube?

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Full name Luccas Neto Ferreira.
Subscribers 34.5 million
Joined Youtube July 31, 2014
Most watched video Luccas Neto – Meu Melhor Amigo (Musica Oficial) – Luccas Neto
Income from Youtube channel $87.4k dollars per month (minimum)
App Luccass toon official
Instagram Luccasneto
Contact email


LUCCAS NETO is a Portuguese- Brazilian actor who runs a kids youtube channel LUCCAS NETO- LUCCAS TOON which is having more than 34.5 million subscribers. He had worked in many movies like Luccas Neto in summer camp, luccas neto in Acampamento de FĂ©rias 2, and many more. And not only that he also worked on music videos. And there was a time when Luccas Neto had beaten Pewdie pie channel in terms of views.

The main concept behind his youtube channel is to make the dreams that we see in our minds and make them into reality for kids.

He’s a very popular video creator, actor, youtuber in Brazil.

The complete or full name of Luccas Neto is Luccas Neto Ferreira.

Luccas Neto had started his channel on July 31 2014.

But as we all know that not all YouTubers were started getting recognition when they started so in 2016 luccas got attention then the journey is continuing in 2021.

Which are the most viewed videos of Luccass Neto’s youtube channel?

The most video of Luccas Neto is: Luccas Neto – Meu Melhor Amigo (Musica Oficial) – Luccas Neto

How much money does Luccas Neto earn from the youtube channel?

When we tend to research Luccas then in his youtube the subscriber’s count was hide when you open it in Portuguese but when you open it in the English language it shows the subscriber counts.

So, after examing his views on social blade we got to know that Luccas Neto earns $87.4k monthly (minimum) from youtube which is a huge amount of money.

Which is the Luccas Neto app?

The name of the app is Luccas Toon official which is available on both playstore and apple store.

App of luccas toon is being downloaded by 14k people and had a rating of 4.4 star.

Which is the luccas website?

The webiste of Luccass toon is: which is not working right now.

What is the Instagram id of Luccas Toon?

The Instagram id of luccas toon is : Luccastoon

The instagram if of Luccas neto is : Luccasneto


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