▷ LeadsGuru: Affiliate Marketing Or Scam?


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We all want to earn a good amount of money in life by doing online work in our own place.

That’s where we search for online earning methods through which we can earn money sitting at home.

Now the problem here is that there are so many fake people & chain marketing companies who were fooling students by selling them a dream to earn 1 lakh per month by purchasing their courses.

In this article, we will be talking about one of the companies which are leadsguru and tell you all about them whether they were fake or real and should you invest your hard-earned money in it or not.

Let’s dive into it.

▷ LeadsGuru: Affiliate Marketing Or Scam?

Name of the company Leadsguru
Started in 2020-08-30
Registered No
Company Location Not provided
Real or fake Company is Fake
Website https://leadsguru.in/ (Leadsguru website)
Apk (Eehhaaa apk) Leadsguru app (Leadsguru apk download)
Instagram Leadsguru Instagram
Facebook Leadsguru Facebook

What is Leadsguru?

Leadsguru is one of the becoming famous companies of online marketing or you can say network marketing now transformed into affiliate marketing company where you have to sell their courses in order to earn money online.

The founder of the company Ajay Singh is the owner of the company who had a good amount of followers over social media.

In the company, you will find 3 types of courses which were silver, gold & platinum which you have to purchase initially to join the company and then eventually you have to sell it to other in order to recover the money you had invested because the course lectures were very bad & you will not learn anything from that.

Initially, when you join the company they will show you some of their exciting videos and people who had earned money from it in their videos like this.

But later on, you will never find these people anywhere.

How to download the Leadsguru app?

To download the leadsguru app follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to this bizgurukul app link: APK

Step 2: Then click on the download button

Step 3: After clicking on the download button your download will automatically start.

How to earn money from Leadsguru?

To earn money from leadsguru follow these simple steps:

Step 1: First you had to join the company by purchasing one of the 3 courses which are Silver, Gold & platinum which cost around Rs.2000 – Rs.10,000.

Step 2: After you had purchased and completed the course you need to sell the same courses to other people.

Once you sell the courses you will get 70% of the total course cost and the rest money will go to your senior through which you had joined.

How to register in Leadsguru?

To register in leadsguru follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the official website of leadsguru: https://leadsguru.in/

Step 2: Purchase one of their courses from their website

Step 3: After purchasing the course you will be registered in leadsguru.

The active or the live link of the leadsguru were: https://leadsguru.in

Is leadsguru company is registered?

No, the company isn’t registered we had checked the company name in zaubacorp.com it shows that they didn’t find any company by that name.

How much money do you have to invest before earning from leadsguru?

The money you had to invest before earning money from leadsguru were:

  • Rs.3000
  • Rs.5000
  • Rs.10000

What are the sources of income of leadsguru?

The sources of the income of leadsguru were:

  • New members joining the compnay & purcahsing the course
  • Affiliate marketing (when other members sell the courses)

How does Leadsgurur makes profit?

Leadsguru main income source is selling the courses of digital marketing which you can easily get for free without paying any money and the courses start from 3k to 10k.

Which is a huge price for the courses from a company whose reputation isn’t good.

Instead of that, you can watch other videos on youtube and you will earn money from it.

Is leadsguru real or fake?

Leadsguru is a fake company basically it’s all network marketing companies now changed their name by an affiliate marketing company to gain the trust of the people.

Behind the company, they fool students & other people who join the company by making them purchase a course and then making them sell the courses to others to recover their money.

As we all knew in this type of network marketing company only a few people who were in higher positions or the owner earn the most money rather than no one making money.

And initially, they will talk very nicely and once you purchase the course they will not give any attention to you.

Is it safe to invest in leadsguru?

No, it’s not safe to invest money in leadsguru because they are fooling people in the name of selling courses and affiliate marketing.

And the courses that you will purchase are already available for free with more value because the people who were making the courses themselves hadn’t done anything on their own all those knowledge were bookish not practical.

Also, the price of courses was very high which isn’t worth it.

What are the other fraud MLM companies like Leadsguru?

The other fraud MLM companies like Leadsguru:


Can you earn money from leadsguru?

If you are at the top then only you will be able to make money otherwise you will not able to make money which always happening in MLM.

Who were the owners of the company?

The owners or directors of the company were: Ajay SIngh


So, after analysing all the facts about leadsguru we had found that all the facts lead to the conclusion that the leadsguru is a fake affiliate marketing company but in original it’s an MLM company and most of the people who had invested money in it will be lost.

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