Kashtree – Legit Or Trap To Make Money Online?

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Last Updated on 2 years by Ankit Thakur

Have you heard of Kashtree an earn money online website where you will earn on the basis of the following you had over social media?

But what do you think that it’s a Scam?

That’s why you want someone else to find out for you that either it’s a scam or a legit website to make money online.

Then we will share and tell you everything about this website and make sure that you don’t waste your time working for a fraud or a scam website.

So, let’s get started.

Kashtree – Legit Or Trap To Make Money Online?

Website nameKashtree
Started in 2019-08-11 officially (But 2015 as per the website)
Offering Influencer marketing and getting paid to share on social media
App (Kashtree app)Not found
Office AddressNo addresses was being provided
Parent company Nothing found
Owner and Co-founderNo owner was found on the website
Facebook Kashtree Facebook

What is Kash Tree?

KashTree is an online earn money website where you will get paid when you share things or refer your friends on social media.

The company say that they enable people to make money online but the matter of fact is that you can earn money even if you have 100 followers over any social media.

Even they say that you can earn $500 per day.

How does the Kash tree works?

KashTree is a mediator between social media influencers or normal people who were having social media accounts and then helping people to earn money by sharing different kinds of stuff on social media.

They give you different tasks over social media which when you perform the money you earn will start reflecting on your dashboard.

How to make money from Kashtree?

To make money online on kash tree you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Kashtree website and signup for it (you will get $50).

Step 2: After signing up you will get your $50 in your payment section and then you can choose from all these tasks given in the side menu and earn money from them.

Here are some of the ways through which you can earn money from Kashtree:

  • Refer and earn
  • $40 taskwall (Answering simple questions)
  • Promotional posts on Social media (Youtube , facebook, twitter, instagram)

Also, you can win some rewards like Iphone, AirPods and apple watch when you have lots of points in your account.

How often do you get paid on Kashtree?

You will get paid when you have at least $200 in your account as you can see in the image.

What are the payments methods in kash tree?

The payments method which was available in Kashtree were:

  •  PayPal
  • CashApp
  • Bitcoin
  • Mailed check

How much money will you make from Kash tree?

You will not make any money from Kashtree because it will use you until you get the minimum payouts and then they will never pay you for the task you had done till now.

And on the web, we had found some of the reviews which say that they never get paid even they had money shown in their accounts.

Is Kashtree a scam or a genuine website to make money online?

For that we had researched a lot many things on the website as experienced digital marketers we had looked up many things on the website which were:

Red flag 1: Domain registration

When you check on the website about section they say that they were in the niche since 2015 as per the website.

But when you look up to whois.com then you will get the real thing which is this:

Red flag 2: Testimonials

The testimonials which were used in the website were fake because if they were real then they must have added their last name or even given their social media links.

But there wasn’t any one of that.

Red flag 3: Payment proofs

Like other fake make money online or survey websites they were using fake payments proofs which were easily made in any freelancing website giving few bucks.

If the payment proof were real then no website hide the user name of the people who had earned that much money because that make the website more popular because then more people share about it and come into a website which makes the website owner more money.

Red flag 4: Youtube testimonials

The youtube testimonials which were there on youtube are the testimonials that have been made to earn money from the website that’s the reason why there are people who had short videos praising the website.

Red flag 5: Given $44,000,000 to 300,000 members

They said that they had given $44,000,000 to their 300,000 members if it’s possible let’s suppose then also the website should have some proof of some members.

And not only that if you had that many loyal members then the website should have some amount of traffic that isn’t there.

Red flag 6: Worked with big companies

On the home page of the website, you will see that they had worked with big companies but they aren’t mentioned anywhere on the web on those big companies.

Final thoughts about the website

So, after looking overall at the website we can easily say that the website isn’t legitimate and it will not pay you any money.


So, this is all for the Kashtree – Legit Or Trap To Make Money Online?

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