Jyoti Shree Mahato: Untold journey from Tiktok to Youtube


In today’s article on Youtube mini, we will be talking about Jyoti Shree Mahato: Untold journey from Tiktok to Youtube.

We all know Jyoti Shree Mahato from Manoj dey vlogging channel.

But do you know how Jyoti Shree Mahato become famous on youtube?

Then this article will help you to know all about Jyoti Shree Mahato.

Let’s get started.

Jyoti Shree Mahato: Untold journey from Tiktok to Youtube

Jyoti Shree Mahato

Jyoti Shree Mahato is a youtubers in Dhanbad who is one of the close friends to Manoj dey and she had inspired to start his youtube channel by Manoj dey and earlier she use to work on Bengali short videos and albums.

She was earlier making videos on Tiktok.

Youtube channel name (jyoti channel) Jyoti Shree Mahato
Youtube subscribers 77.1k subscribers
Started Youtube Feb 1, 2019
Youtube Income 30k INR
Instagram Jyoti Shree
Boyfriend No one
Education Masters degree

What is the relation between Manoj dey and Jyoti shree?

The relation between Manoj dey and Jyoti Shree is nothing more than good friends many people think that they were GF-BF but they have disclosed in one of their videos.

What’s the story behind Jyoti Shree Mahato viral video and photo?

As I have told you that Jyoti Shree was working with various people in their short films and youtube videos so the viral video and photo of his marriage is one of his previous projects which she had left due to some reasons and that video and photo were released by someone and it went viral but Jyoti Shree Mahato claimed that it is fake and not real there was nothing like that.

jyoti shree mahato viral video

What are the phones that Jyoti Shree use?

The phones that Jyoti Shree use was: iPhone and One plus

Who is Payal in Jyoti Shree channel?

Payal is one of the best friends of Jyoti Shree.

From when Manoj dey and Jyoti Shree know each other?

Manoj dey and Jyoti Shree were knowing each other since childhood and they were neighbours.

What is the future plans of Jyoti Shree?

The future plans of Jyoti Shree are that she wants to become a businesswoman and help other people in his city.

What does Jyoti father do for living?

Jyoti’s father is an accountant in a company.

Which editing software does Jyoti Shree Mahato use?

The editing software which Jyoti Shree uses is Kine master and she uses it to edit each and every vlog and video of her on mobile phones.


So, this is all for Jyoti Shree Mahato: Untold journey from Tiktok to Youtube

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