Is Youtube A Job? | Should YouTube Be Considered A “Real Job”?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Is Youtube A Job? | Should YouTube Be Considered A “Real Job”?

As of now, 4.32 billion people in the world have internet access which is a huge number but still, 40% of people are offline in this world or don’t have any internet access.

Still with this internet penetration in this world had unlocked many money-making opportunities in which youtube is one of them.

Where most of us wanted to earn money online from youtube some people use to think that youtube is a job or can’t replace a job.

So, in this article we will tell you about is youtube a job or not and we will also tell you the pros and cons of taking youtube as a job.

Let’s get started.

Is Youtube A Job? | Should YouTube Be Considered A “Real Job”?

No, youtube isn’t a job because people are talking about youtube as a business, not a job and making their own legacy over youtube. Many people will see it as a replacement for a job but it isn’t a job it is more like your passion become a profession, not like a job where you have to do the work for money no matter you like it or not. It’s more of doing what you love to do and in exchange for following your passion, you are getting money over it.

What are the pros and cons of taking youtube as a carrier?

Youtube Job
1. No minimum age criteria (You can start at small age) 1. You have to be 18 years old for doing a job
2. No degree required to make money on youtube 2. Various and different degrees were required
3. You can follow your passion and make money 3. You have to work on something for which you don’t love (Which most of the people are doing)
4.No pressure from higher authority 4. Pressure from higher authority to complete the work
5. Don’t have to go office you can work from your home (depends upon niches) 5. Have to go office daily
6. Freedom of work 6. No freedom of work you need to do what you have been told to
7. Get fame and money and many opportunities 7. You will get money but no fame

After seeing this you will think that Youtube is the best thing to do in life but still you also need to know the cons of youtube:

  • You have to first establish your channel then you will start getting money and fame.
  • There is no gurantee that you will make money .
  • You have to learn and adapt the changes on youtube everytime.
  • Making changes in your content accroding to what viewers wanted.
  • You have to work day and night there will be no schedule.( beccause there will be no one telling you what to do)

Which is better getting a job or doing youtube?

If you are a creative person or wanted to do something creative or different or pursue your passion and you are eager to learn more and grow more then youtube is the one for you. But there are people who just want to do formal education or are not creative enough or don’t want to get ahead in life then the job is the best place for them.

There are also some conditions where some people have to do jobs because of family issues then, in that case, you can do youtube part-time and when you start getting the same amount of income for at least 6 months to a year then you can quit your job and pursue youtube.

How much time it will take to make a living on youtube?

It has been seen that to make a living it at least take 1 year of time to establish your channel at a level and earn a good amount of money from youtube but it all depends upon how much hard work and effort you are willing to put in order to make youtube a living.

How to explain youtube is a job to parents? | Why do parents don’t understand youtube is a job?

To explain youtube is a job to parents you need to show them the results because no matter how passionate you are about youtube or your work which you are putting in your channel if you can’t get a result then your parents won’t let you do it because our parents are hard-wired that getting a job will make you successful or look good in front of society or in the family. Some parents believe in their child no matter what they were doing but most of the parents were result-oriented so if you can show them that you are getting a good income from what you are doing then they will understand your things and don’t let you stop doing youtube.

Parents want good for their children that’s why they want you to get a job and settle down paycheck to paycheck for your life but they aren’t aware of the internet age and the opportunities you can have over the internet.

Not many parents will support their child in doing youtube especially in India because people have a mindset that I will complete this course and education and I will get a job but it was happening earlier but it’s not happening in today’s world now you don’t need a degree to earn money or to create something big.

And parents are still in their old days where everyone gets a job by getting a formal education that’s why they want to pursue what they had seen earlier.

Is it allowed to make money from youtube and as a full-time job?

Yes, you can make money from your youtube channel part-time and do your full-time job there’s no regulation or law that you can’t do both at the same time youtube is for all and for anyone.

What is the least amount of subscribers you would have to make a living?

It all depends upon you how you monetise your subscribers if you just depend upon youtube Adsense alone then you have to have at least 100k subscribers to earn a good amount of money and if you are selling some $100 – $1000 dollar product to your 10k subscribers then you can easily become rich on youtube with 10k subscribers and make a living on youtube.


Is youtube a good job? | Is youtube a real job? | Is a youtube content creator a job?

First thing first youtube isn’t a job it’s more like a business and if you are considering it as a job then you can’t go ahead because you have to put more effort than a job and it requires lot’s of patience to make money on the job and being a content creator you need to have some kind of creativity to grow on youtube.

Is youtube a good idea as an alternative to a job?

Yes, it can be if it’s paying more money and opportunities than a job which it will be if you do the right thing for your channel.

Is youtube a stable job?

It’s not a stable job where you will earn a fixed amount of income every month it can fluctuate according to how your video will perform on youtube. So, if you are coming for safety and putting up work like you used to do in a job then won’t because it’s not stable.


So, this is all for the Is Youtube A Job? | Should YouTube Be Considered A “Real Job”?

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