Is YouTube A Good Career?


In today’s article, we will be talking about Is YouTube a good career?

Youtube is the second largest search engine where people goes to search for what they want to know about a specific topic.

And in 2021 most of the viewers in the world want to see videos because there is a human presence and they can see what they are getting.

But what about taking Youtube as a career?

There was a time when everybody wants to be an engineer or a doctor but now as the internet industry has raised.

Everybody wants to be a YouTuber.

What’s the future of YouTube?

As if now in 2021 youtube has become the second largest search engine in the world.

So, for those who want to start their journey on Youtube, it’s just a start or the rise of youtube because youtube is filled up with an immense amount of opportunity for anyone.

You can build your career while pursuing your passion and doing what you love and get paid.

Through youtube, you can start your own business, company, merchandise, promote your own business, work with celebrities and much more.

On youtube, it’s all about getting the attention of viewers if you get attention of viewers you can earn a big amount of money as well as get famous on every platform.

So, the future of youtube is very bright there will be a time when youtube creator will be treated like a celebrity and you will see YouTubers in television doing ad commercials and movies.

Because still there is only the world’s 25% of the population had come over the internet so what if the whole population will come over the internet.

Is YouTube a good career?

Yes, it is a good career option when you had time to build your audience over a period of time because if you do anything it will take time.

Why do most youtubers fail in their YouTuber journey?

Because they don’t have patience they think that putting a bunch of videos over youtube will give them success.

Not everybody got instant success over youtube and those who got instant success can’t maintain that success.

Being a YouTuber is a good career in the long run because once more and more people start knowing you and what your content is all about, the money will come to you and at the same time brands will reach you.

Why I am saying it’s a long process because it seems to be easy being a YouTuber but when you put your hands in it you have to learn a lot of things about youtube and what you think works on youtube will get outdated.

So, the learning process never ends on youtube because every day something will change and if you don’t understand the change your channel can be dead.

For example, Mr beast had uploaded more than 100 videos that weren’t viral but he didn’t quit at that time and he consistently putting the videos.

Is YouTubing a good career?

And he started youtube when he was 12 and he goes massive success when he is in his 20’s.

So, if you thinking of starting youtube then let me tell you it will take time to succeed.

Did you think YouTube is also becoming a job profession these days?

Yes, most of the teenagers wanted to become YouTubers because who doesn’t want to work for their own.

And for most teenagers, it seems to be cool to become a YouTuber these days.

Because the attention you got from people is amazing and at the same time you were earning money.

It can be taken as a full-time career or job but for that, you need to put in the effort and time no matter you got views or subscribers.

Initially, in the first year, you will not see that much growth but slowly and steadily you will see the growth.

Is it realistic to pursue YouTube as a full-time career?

Earlier it was meant that a creative field or your passion can’t make you any money and that’s the only reason why most of the population either do Jobs or do business.

But not many people were taking creative fields as their career.

Because there’s not much opportunity and money at that time but because of social media people who were in the creative field got huge attention and as you know when someone got attention brands started approaching them.

Now, in 2021 because of the rise of social media youtube can be taken as a full-time career and many people had built their empire with youtube.

For example, Bhuvan Bam who is India’s one of the biggest YouTubers earns a crore of rupees from youtube and other brand collaborations.

Just because of Youtube he’s now famous and meet many celebrities, worked with them released his own merch, appeared in short films, released his own written songs.

So, yes it’s realistic to take youtube as a full-time career.

Is it a good decision to leave the job to become a YouTuber?

No, and yes both, you need to understand that leaving a job just because you need to start your youtube journey isn’t a good decision.

Because for a living you need to have money in your pocket and which can be made possible through the job I know that for most of us the job isn’t the thing which we really want to do.

But you can’t be successful in just one day when you start your journey.

So, there must be a cash flow so that you can live your day to day life.

And if you are a student you have the advantage that you can start now and when you complete your study you have the option that pursues your passion on youtube or does a job.

But leaving a job just to start youtube isn’t a good option.

What you can do is that when you are doing a job when you got free time make videos on youtube and when you see that yes you are earning more than your job then quit your job and pursue youtube as a career.


Is youtube a job?

No, it’s not a job it’s a business it’s like a job where you will do the work daily and at the end of the month, you will get a paycheck. here you need to put your heart and soul into it then also there’s no guarantee that it will work so it all depends upon how well you execute things.

Is youtube a good career option?

If you haven’t any loans and burden of the family that you are a sole earner of your family then it’s a good career option because if you are in your 20s where you don’t have that much pressure then you can take it as a career or try it but if you have the responsibility of family then it’s not a good career because in the initial stage you will get nothing unless and until you are one of those exceptions.

Is YouTubing a good career in India?

If you are in your school or college days then you can take the chance in India but as you know Indian parents are having a job mentality so unless and until you don’t show them that you are earning from youtube you will not get to take it as a career in india.

Is youtube a stable career?

It’s not a stable job there are highs and lows in your youtube journey so if you are a person who wants stability then take a job.


So, this is all for the Is YouTube A Good Career?

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