Is Paid2tap A Scam? | Do They Actually Pay? | What is Paid2tap?

Is Paid2tap A Scam? | Do They Actually Pay? | What is Paid2tap?

In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Is Paid2tap A Scam? | Do They Actually Pay? | What is Paid2tap?

If you are in the make money online niche you might be knowing about this Paid2tap method.

But if you are not aware then don’t worry we will tell you all the details in this article.

And we will also tell you the truth which will make you understand which things to trust in make money online niche.

So, let’s get started.

Is Paid2tap A Scam? | Do They Actually Pay? | What is Paid2tap?

Want to make money online and after searching over the internet you get to know about Paid2tap and wondering that is legit or not then you are at the right place.

Paid2tap CEO Fake the name and the person is different and there are 2 CEO’s which can’t be possible
Paid2tap Company registrationRegistered in 2021, not in 2016
Paid2tap income proof All the screenshots of income proof were fake
Paid2tap trusted byThere’s no mention of the company in any big website mentioned
Paid2tap reviewsAll the reviews were self-generated.

What is Paid2tap?

Paid2tap is a website in which you need to share links, test apps and refer other people and if someone signup or clicks through your link you will get referral income.

That’s the whole website method to make money online.

But they are giving around $25 when you signup and $2 when you share your referral link when someone clicks on it and not only that $10 when someone signup through your link.

I have never seen a website or affiliate network which will give this much money when someone clicks on your link.

Now, coming to the main question which is:

Is Paid2tap A Scam? (paid2tap scam)

So, to know that either paid to scam is legit or scam we will analyse some things which will show you that they were legit or not.

On the about page they had said that they are based in the Netherlands and they were saying that we work with influencers but here most of them were normal people who were sharing the links.

I don’t know there are any social media influencers who were promoting it. (Red flag 1)

And when you search for their CEO and cofounders here are the things which you will get:

Proof 1: The name of the CEO of the Paid2tap company is Willard Clarke but when you search it on google you will get this. And even the image of the CEO isn’t there on the company about page.

Even there are 2 CEO of the company.

If the CEO of the company is fake then how can you trust them. (Red flag 2)

Proof 2: Now if you scroll down to the history section you will get to see that they had mentioned that the company had started in 2016 but here’s the truth.

Paid2tap website history

If you go to and then search for the domain then you will see the reality of the company is that they had just registered the domain in 2021. (Red Flag 3)


Proof 3: Now talking about the payment proof of their earlier affiliates when you go to the success walls section on their website you will see these screenshots.

paid2tap proof of payment

But when you see these screenshot the name were blurred. If they were earning money then their name should be revealed but the name was blurred.

That shows that the screenshots were fake and all the videos in their testimonials were also fake.

You can give someone $10-$20 dollars to make this type of video and screenshots (Red flag 4).

Proof 4: On their homepage, they are saying that they had featured in Forbes and many other companies but let me give you a reality check.

paid2tap Forbes

If you go to Forbes and search that they had featured Paid2tap then you will see nothing. (Red flag 5)

So, now coming back to the question that is paid2tap is a scam or not then the answer is: Yes, Paid 2 tap is a scam after analysing all the proof it shows that paid2tap is a scam all the proofs and all the testimonials, videos and screenshots were fake and all the information about the company and the CEO were fake so you can’t earn money from it and there’s no original proof that some big influencers were working with it no some original payment proof.

Even on their youtube channel, all the videos which were there can be made by giving random people some money to say good things about something.

And if you find that someone is writing good about it and leaving a link in their answers that means that they are promoting the website just to earn money and they also don’t know that the website is legit or not.


Is Paid2tap is legit? (paid2tap scam or legit)

No, Paid2tap isn’t legit because all the proofs of payment, a website featuring, testimonials on the website as well as on Youtube were fake and you can get it for some money from different people.

Is paid2tap a scam do they actually pay?

Yes, Paidd2tap is a scam they don’t have any legitimate proof of payment all the proofs were fake and not real so it’s a scam.

Who is the CEO of Paid2tap?

The CEO of Paid2tap is Willard Clarke but the problem here is that there are 2 CEO and the images were not available & when you search for the name of the CEO you will get nothing.


So, this is all for the Is Paid2tap A Scam? | Do They Actually Pay? | What is Paid2tap?

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