Inquisitormaster | Who is Inquisitormaster? | Net worth | Real Name

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Inquisitormaster | Who is Inquisitormaster? | Net worth | Real Name

Who is Inquisitormaster
Youtube Channel Name Inquisitormaster
Subscribers9.05 million Subscribers
Started in September 22, 2014
Inquisitormaster Real name Alexandra Jennifer Teran
Age (How old is Inquisitormaster )27 years old (May 1, 1994)
Youtube income$20.9k – $333k (According to the social blade)
Instagram Inquisitormaster Instagram

Who is Inquisitormaster?

Inquisitormaster is one of the famous female YouTubers from the United States who is famous for his Roblox gameplay with his squad.

She had now over 9 million subscribers on youtube.

Where does Inquisitormaster live?

Inquisitormaster lives in texas united states.

What is the Inquisitormaster squad?

Inquisitormaster squad is a group of people who used to play different games with Inquisitormaster and upload it on youtube.

Who is Inquisitormaster Alex?

Inquisitormaster Alex is the owner of the Inquisitormaster youtube channel her real name is Alexandra Jennifer Teran.

Who is Inquisitormaster jade?

Inquisitormaster jade is one of the funniest and supporting characters in their squad you can get to know about him from this video.

And the real name of Jade is Gabby.

Who is Inquisitormaster charlie?

Charlie is the newest member in the group and not much information is available about her on youtube as well.

Who is Zach from Inquisitormaster?

Zach is one of the members of the squad and also the boyfriend of the Inquisitormaster.

Where we can find Inquisitormaster pictures?

You can get the Inquisitormaster pictures from her Instagram

What is Inquisitormaster Roblox?

Roblox is a game which is played by Inquisitormaster and his squad that’s why she’s got famous from.

Who’s the boyfriend of Inquisitormaster?

The Boyfriend of Inquisitormaster is Zach.

How to purchase the official merch of Inquisitormaster?

To purchase the official merch you need to visit the website which is: Shop with misa

What was the official music of Inquisitormaster?

These are some of the official music which were available on Spotify:

  • This is Reality
  • For My Self
  • Let somebody love you
  • I m no mistake


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