Indian Gamer | Biography | Income | Real Name


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Indian Gamer | Biography | Income | Real Name

Wanted to build your gaming PC or want to start a gaming youtube channel?

Then you should know what are the things that were required to build a gaming PC or to build a gaming youtube channel.

In this article we will give you the solution for all your needs to build your gaming PC and build your youtube channel at one place.

So, let’s get started.

Indian Gamer | Biography | Income | Real Name

Indian Gamer
Youtube channel Name Indian Gamer
Subscribers 452k Subscribers
Started in Mar 30, 2015
Owner Name Not known
Youtube income $117 – $1.9k per month (According to the social blade) (Rs.7000 minimum per month)
Lives in India
Email Address [email protected]
Twitter Indian Gamer twitter
Facebook Indian Gamer Facebook

Who is Indian Gamer? (The Indian budget gamer)

Indian gamer is a youtube channel which is having 452k subscribers on youtube who is mostly famous for making videos in how to build a budget gaming PC.

When he was started in 2015 he started with the intention of a gaming channel but later on he realises that the audience wants to start a youtube channel but didn’t have a budget to sped laksh of rupees on gaming PC.

That’s the reason why he had shifted his content from a gaming channel to a gaming PC building gudei channel on youtube.

If you also willing to start a gaming PC or want to build a gaming PC in budget then you should subscribe to this channel.

Who is the owner of Indian Gamer?

The owner of the Indian Gamer channel is not known yet because he always introduce himself as IG but he never told his name infact there’s no information about him on youtube as well.

What are the earning sources of Indian Gamer?

The earning sources of Indian Gamer is :

  • Youtube adsene
  • Affiliate marketing

Why Indian gamer is inconsistent on youtube?

Because apart from youtube he had a lot’s of work to do and he was very passionate in doing research about new fields and jobs which were related to his jobs so mostly he spent his time in that.

And he also said that he had started youtube as his passion and he can’t have that much of time for making videos that’s the reason why he is inconsistent on youtube.


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