If I make videos on mixed content (without any particular niche) on YouTube, will the channel monetize?

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In today’s article we will be talking about If I make videos on mixed content (without any particular niche) on YouTube will the channel monetize?

That’s an interesting question which is not answered by many people.

Because not many people had experimented with this.

So, let’s get started.

If I make videos on mixed content (without any particular niche) on YouTube will the channel monetize? | Mixed content youtube channel | Mixed content video

Yes, your channel can be monetised if you are making videos on different topics.

There are channels that were making videos on different topics and their channels were monetised.

And not many people were doing it because the growth here in this type of channel is really slow.

Let’s understand a concept about Youtube:

Whenever you upload a video there are 3 things that give youtube an understanding that what’s the video is all about.

  • Title
  • Tags
  • Description

After giving information about your video to youtube.

Youtube will push your videos (impressions) to all the viewers who were likely to watch that type of content.

And if that set of users respond positively to your videos then youtube will further push your videos to other users.

But what happens when you upload different categories on one channel:

Here youtube can’t able to understand that which users to show your videos the description, title, tags were different in your videos each and every time.

So, the youtube algorithm gets confused and once the youtube algorithm is confused your videos will stop getting the push from the youtube side.

That’s the only reason why all the big Youtubers want you to narrow down your niche and then make videos on those topics.


Because once you were using a set of similar titles, tags and descriptions youtube will easily understand what your channel is all about.

According to Matt Parr, a YouTuber who handles more than 9 youtube channels.

He had said that if you were using some type of tags on all your videos youtube will easily get to know that what your channel is all about.

And once youtube gets to know about your channel niche it’s easy for the youtube algorithm to promote your videos to users.

Here’s a secret strategy from Techno gamerz:

If I make videos on mixed content (without any particular niche) on YouTube will the channel monetize?

He had started his channel playing mobile and pc games but at one point in time, he had only used to play Dragon ball Z.

And he had then gathered a set of dragon ball z users who like to watch that game only.

But when he got bored with the dragon ball z game he started playing PUBG and when he was playing PUBG all the Dragon ball z users stopped watching his videos.

And then he applies this strategy:

He didn’t stop uploading videos on Dragon ball Z games but lowered the number of videos he earlier uses to upload.

And increase the number of PUBG gameplay videos in this case both the Dragon Ball Z users and PUBG users were satisfied.

Not only that a set of users were already there to watch the Dragon Ball Z content but there are also new users who were coming to watch PUBG.

So, through this strategy, he started to increase his subscribers and grown his channel to 1 million subscribers.

And let me tell you that we were working on a different strategy which is very unique and maybe someone had done it on youtube.

So, after the experiment got completed we will let you know about it.

If that strategy works then you can also grow your channel and then monetise it and earn money with that channel.


So, this is the answer to If I make videos on mixed content (without any particular niche) on YouTube will the channel monetize?

And this is a [secret] strategy which not many users were knowing on youtube.

If you implement it you will see the growth because it’s already implemented by techno gamerz.

Let me know your experience with this experiment.

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