How To Target Business Owners On Facebook in the USA?

How To Target Business Owners On Facebook in the USA?

In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about How To Target Business Owners On Facebook?

Many of us wanted to either grow our business or want more business clients for our business.

And we have heard that we can target business owners through Facebook and get more business or leads.

But don’t know how to target business owners on Facebook.

So, in this article, we will tell you all about how to target business owners on Facebook in detail both free and paid methods.

Let’s get started.

How To Target Business Owners On Facebook In The USA?

Targeting your target audience on Facebook is an easy thing that you can easily learn but the main thing which come under targeting people on Facebook is knowing about your audience.

Here are 3 steps which you need to know about your target audience:

1.Knowing your target audience

3 things that you need to know about your audience before targeting that is

  • WHO

It means who is your target audience which you want to convey your message or sell your product or services. It can be business owners, normal people, students, married, single and so on.

It totally depends upon your product or services or what you want to sell or offer.

  • WHAT

It means that what they were looking for on the web or what they were searching on Facebook or on other social media platforms.

This will make you understand what type of things they were liking and looking for.


It means where they were spending most of the time on the web. It can be a Facebook group or discussion forums.

Or which social media platforms they were spending most of the time on.

2.Goals or why are you targeting for

You need to be clear about what you are targeting your customers it can be for many reasons:

  • Lead generation
  • Traffic to website
  • Selling a product or conversions
  • Brand promotions and awareness

So, make sure you specify your goals before targeting your customers which will make it easier to target your customers on the web.

3.What they were searching for

It means that you should know that what are search terms your ideal customers were searching for in your niche or business.

And if you know what they were searching for you can target them easily on the basis of keywords and search terms.

Which we discuss later on.

Now you have researched about your audience and know that what they were searching for.

But what if you are running ads and spending money and your ads were getting clicks but you are not getting any results on your website.

Then here are the things which you need to do before sending traffic to your website or running ads:

  • Optimise your website if it loads slow (it can lead to loss of customers)
  • Setup Facebook pixel (it will help in remarketing when running facebook ads )
  • Build different landing pages for different goals
  • Make your website simple and easy to understand for your audience
  • Different images, text and videos for different types of goals.

How to Target business owners on Facebook for free [In USA]?

There are not many freeways on Facebook now to target business owners but still, there are 2 ways through which you can target business owners for free on Facebook.

1.Contact Business page admins

What you can do is whatever your business is you can search on Facebook about your business niche and filter it with groups it can be private or public groups.

And first, analyse that which business page has a large number of followers, the number of posts they update on their Facebook page, how many people engage with the post.

When you look at all these 3 categories then you can proceed to regularly post on their Facebook group or solving the problems which the group members were facing.

And if you solve the problems of others then you can offer a service or a product to those users.

It will take time to build a rapport with them.

2.Contact Business Influncers

You can gather the names of all the business influencers on Facebook then pitch them that you will give them the product for free if they can share the review of the product or make a video on it.

In this way, you can get business.

But let me tell you only 2 will say yes out of 10 people but if you kept on trying you can get business.

How to Target business owners on Facebook in the USA [With ads]?

For here we will be taking an example of clothing business owners and you are selling them website services or products.

To target business owners on Facebook [With ads] there are different ways in which you can target your ideal customers:

But before that define what goal which you want to achieve through Facebook ads.

How To Target Business Owners On Facebook in the USA?

Now, here are some targeting ways in which you can target business owners on Facebook.

1.Targeting via location

First, you need to select in which location you want to target those business owners on Facebook.

It can be local or you want to target a city or country.

How To Target Business Owners On Facebook in the USA?

Now that you have selected the location you can also select these 4 options in which people who are living in that place or moving to that place or frequently visit those places.

How To Target Business Owners On Facebook in the USA?
  • People living in or recently in this location

It means that the ads will be shown to those people who were living or recently moved to that location.

  • People living in this location

It means that only people who were living in this location (permanent) will be shown ads.

  • People recently in this location

It means that only people who recently moved to this location will be shown ads.

  • People travelling in this location

It means that people who were frequently travelling to this location or leaving 200km away from this location.

Now as a website service provider you wanted to target clothing business owners who were either living in this location or recently moved to this location.

Because your shop or services were for now limited to this location only.

And people were having a permanent clothing business would like to grow their business and that’s where there are more chances that they will invest in your services.

2.Targeting via Age

Now you can target business owners on Facebook on the basis of their age.

But first, we need to know which age our real customers were because people who belong to an age of 18-25 years old were mostly students and students were likely to build their website on their own in 2021.

But not in the case of those people who are above 30 years and below 50 years these are the people who were not so advanced and they want someone to build their websites for them.

So your target would be from age 30-50 years old.

And we are targeting this age because not many people were doing business at their very young age and not many young age people have the paying capacity because they were not earning that much to spend on your services.

3. Targeting via Gender

Now if you have analysed your audience earlier as we had told you earlier.

Here you need to select which gender you need to target because you can either select both Men and Women or you can separately target them.

But if you are just starting out on Facebook ads you will either have some data which you are not totally sure about.

So, for this scenario, you should first test your ads on both the gender and then after running ads you will see the data and based upon that you decide which gender to focus on.

4.Targeting via Interest and Behaviours

Now here’s the main part which will depend upon how deep you can think about your customers.

That’s the reason why when we were starting we told you that know as much as you can about your audience.

But here as we were taking examples of clothing business owners who were on Facebook.

We will target people who were having these interests and behaviours:

  • Clothing business owners
  • Designers
  • Clothing shops
  • Mens clothing shops
  • Womens clothing shops
  • Boutiques
  • Wedding cloth shops
  • Clothing Business page admins
  • Fashion bloggers

So, in this way you can target your audience in detailed targeting.

You can also target them on the basis of :

  • Industries
  • Having local business
  • Email list
  • Company names
  • Cars they drive (to get high ticket client)

5.Targeting through languages

You can target them based on the language they speak it can be English, german, french and so on.

But if you are just starting out select all languages and as you get results then make data-driven decisions.

6.Targeting via placements

As we had already mentioned that you need to know that where your audience spent most of the time.

On the basis of that, you can target the business owners on Facebook.

Let’s say they were mostly on Instagram but you were only running ads on Facebook then you can lost business opportunity.

So, if you are a newbie then first time go for automatic placement and once you got the data you go for manual placements.

Tip: Don’t use messenger these days messenger was not that effective.


So, in these simple and easy 6 ways, you can target Business Owners On Facebook in the USA.

If you want to know more about Youtube then you can read our other articles on Youtube Mini.

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