How To Start A iPhone Repair Business In the USA?

How To Start A iPhone Repair Business In the USA?

How To Start A iPhone Repair Business In the USA?

In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about How To Start A iPhone Repair Business In the USA?

Many people wanted to know about How To Start A iPhone Repair Business In the USA but didn’t find an answer for it on the web.

And if they found something the information provided is very brief and not satisfactory.

So, in this article, we will tell you all about How To Start A iPhone Repair Business In the USA?

Let’s get started.

How To Start A iPhone Repair Business In the USA?

We all knew that when you buy an iPhone it will cost you $1000 dollars and when it breaks due to some reason it will cost you more than a new iPhone.

That’s the reason why most people don’t repair their iPhones from the company and they need someone who can do it at an affordable cost.

And that’s where people like you come in to picture who solve the problems of iPhone lovers.

So, let’s get to each and everything needed on How To Start A iPhone Repair Business In the USA.

This plan is divided into 3 parts :

  1. Market Research
  2. Things Required to start an iPhone repair business
  3. Marketing Startegy [Important ]

1.Market research

In market research, you need to understand the market need and what are the problems that the iPhone customers were facing now.

  • First understand what are the pain points or problems of Iphone users

To find the pain problems and the issue they were getting with an iPhone you need to search on youtube about what are the problems that people were getting on each and every different model of iPhone.

Just simply go to youtube and search for an iPhone screen or battery or anything you need to know about.

List down each and every single problem that people were facing with their iPhones and then find the solution for them.

  • How much money people were charging for an iphone repair [online vs offline]

Now you got to know that what are the pain points and what are the solutions to those problems and how can you solve them.

But now you need to earn money from your solutions so how much you should charge such that customers will come to you in the initial days.

For that take a couple of days and find the rates which competitors were charging to repair an iPhone both offline vs online in the market and how you can make a profit even charging less money.

You can do this simply by going to their store or even on their websites.

  • Analyze the competion in your niche

Before starting you should know that if you will start an iPhone repair business in the USA who will be my completion both online vs offline.

Then analyse what the competitors were doing in their business by being a customer.

And what they were not offering to their customers.

How’s their support after repair or how’s their behaviour with the customers you can check these things in their google my business reviews.

If you are starting it online then analyse the websites of competitors and what are the services they were offering to their customers.

And if you are thinking to start it in your offline market then you should become a customer and go to their store to analyse what they were doing.

Always keep in mind that nobody cares about what your company is or what you were doing at the end, if the customers were not happy with your service they will not come to you.

  • Where will you get the spare parts and how much it will cost?

When you were replacing a part of an iPhone you need spare parts which you need to get from some suppliers so you need to figure out who were these suppliers and which one is the best and affordable to get your spare parts from.

Because if you are charging the same amount of money that apple store or some competitor were charging then you can’t beat the competition.

  • What will be the total cost for starting an iPhone repair business?

2. Things required to start an iPhone repair business

There are a couple of things which is needed to start an iPhone repair business:

1.Knowledge about in and out of iPhone (Software and hardware)

Before starting anything you need to have a good amount of knowledge about the software and hardware of an iPhone.

So for that, you can take iPhone repairing training from your locality or from online.

Here are the 2 best iPhone repairing training centres in the USA :

Here are some best courses to learn iPhone repair:

Or what you can do is go to your near repair store and get an internship or a part-time job as an iPhone repair trainee then you can learn more about the problems which people were facing and learn the skill practically.

2. Necessary tool kit and Software (tools needed to start a phone repair business)

So, to replace a part or change it you need to open the iPhone so for that, you need some set of tools or an iPhone repair business kit.

So, here are the 2 best iPhone repair kits:

And there is some software which you need to either for format or booting problems.

You can download it from here: Tenorshare

3.iPhone spare Parts

So, you can get these spare parts from an offline vendor where you can get them for less price if you are not able to get them online.

Because some time online we didn’t get specific iPhone spare parts.

But if you want to order spare parts online in the USA then you can check these 2 famous websites:

4.Location for iPhone repair business

First, you need to decide whether you will start your own local iPhone repair shop or you will start with your home or garage.

Because if you are starting out with low investment then you should start with your home or garage and when you start getting a good amount of money from your business then you should rent a shop near your locality.

I will suggest that if you are just starting then you should start with your home or garage.

Now you have to figure out that how and what your competitors were doing and how you can beat them and also you have each and everything you need to start your iPhone repair business.

But what if people don’t know about your repair business.

Then here comes the most important part of the business which is the marketing strategy for the iPhone repair business.

3. Marketing strategy (How to grow your iPhone repair business | How to market your iPhone repair business)

Marketing a business is one of the most important things which either make or break the business because if you had a great business or a product but nobody knows about it then nobody will come.

So, here are the ways to grow your iPhone repair business :

  • Website about your business

You need to have a website that will make your business not only limited in your location but people can contact you from another country also.

Showcase your work, your customer reviews if any, your testimonials, what are your USPs, how much price you charge, when your shop opens and close and the time of your shop.

If you can learn SEO then you should optimise your website for different keywords or search terms or you can hire an intern for it.

Or you can run paid ads on google to rank on specific keywords.

  • Social media handles

You need to have all the social media handles the same as the company or brand name it makes customers know about you when they search for you.

But it doesn’t mean that you just open an account and start putting content in it consistently either it can be monthly daily or weekly.

I will suggest that make content more on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

You can show them how you do the work and what are the things which you take care of each and every iPhone you repair.

And post one video on all the platforms you may like this will increase the trust of people in you and it will make people come to you.

  • Packaging of iphone after repair

Not many people were doing this in this niche but you can do this to add some extra efforts which will make you unique from other iPhone repair shops.

You can create a packaging box or some bags or stickers where, when you will give back iPhone to users they will see the branding of yours if they use those bags or stickers of yours.

And if your designs were good or your bags were good then people will definitely ask other people about it and it will create no-cost marketing.

  • Discounts and offers

If you make social media handles then you can run specific free cost checkups of your iPhone or some discount offers in your services which you can give to customers for a limited amount of time.

This will make you stand out from competitors.

  • Influencer marketing for your iphone repair business

This strategy was not used by most of the iPhone repair businesses over there.

What you can do is search on Instagram in your location for micro-influencers which were having a decent amount of following like 10k-20k followers in their social media handles.

And reach out to them and offer them a free service for their iPhone and then tell them to make a video about your business and if you do that with 3-5 influencers then your business will be skyrocket.


So, this is all for How To Start A iPhone Repair Business In the USA?

If you want to know more about Youtube then you can read our other articles on Youtube Mini.

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