How To Save Money While Online Shopping?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about How To Save Money While Online Shopping?

Most of us are in search of the best deals in online shopping but don’t know what to do to save money while shopping online.

Then in this article, we will tell you multiple legit ways to save money while online shopping.

So, let’s get started.

How To Save Money While Online Shopping?

To save money online while shopping there are many ways but most of them aren’t working because all those coupons websites are worthless now because most of the coupons don’t work now.

Because most of the companies are now continuously upgrading their technology.

Here are some legit ways through which you can save money while shopping online:

1.Telegram channels

There are multiple telegram channels that were there that were providing trending deals that can save you huge amounts of money.

And one of the Telegram channels is Trendy Deals which is having 4.2k subscribers on their channels and they continuously post the best deals which can save you huge amounts of money.

So, you can join them and look for the best deals.

But let me tell you all the links were affiliate links which means that if you purchase from their links you will not charge an extra amount of money but they will get a little commission.

This is a good deal because they were making an effort for providing you with trendy deals and offers.

2. Buy in combo packs

When you buy a single product you will see that the price is much higher than buying combo products where you were getting 2 products at the price of one.

Now let me tell you a recent example.

I love reading books but when it comes to purchasing foreign authors books it’s a little bit expensive but then I used this hack which is looking for combo packs.

The 4hour workweek is costing me Rs.443 for a single book but when I recently ordered a combo pack of 2 books I got 2 books at Rs.254.

Which will after shipping it will cost me around Rs.458 for one single book and for combo it will be around Rs.269 so I have literally saved Rs.189.

3. Adding items to carts

Most of the people don’t either know or use this hack which is adding items into carts which is very helpful for saving a good amount of money.

Because the main aim of these e-commerce platforms was to sell products to customers and the more they sell the more they will get profits.

So, when you add the items into cars it will give them a signal that the customer is interested in buying that product but due to some reason he/she isn’t buying the products.

Then they will give you offers.

Here’s the proof:

I had added a book into the cat which is the basics of Bitcoins and blockchains at that time the price was Rs.580 but when I added it to the cart the offer I get is Rs.485 with free shipping so I have saved Rs.95 on this deal.

4. Purchasing through mobile apps

When you download the mobile apps of any company they will constantly give you push notifications and in which you will get different deals and offers.

Which can literally save you 10%-50% of yours.

So, if you are willing to purchase something then make sure that you use the mobile apps of those companies.

5. Using UPI, wallets and credit cards

When you purchase some product you will get different options which are either pay with credit or debit cards, pay with UPI payments or with wallets of the company.

Most of the e-commerce platforms that had a tie-up with different credit cards companies like HDFC and SBI are willing to provide you with at least 10% of discounts.

But not all of us had credit cards so what you can do is use UPI or wallets not all time you will get a cashback in UPI but when you use Amazon wallets then you will definitely get some cashback or coupons which you can use later.

6. Using discounts providing apps

Use Lettyshops or Cashkaro type of platform which will provide you cash back after you had purchased a product through their platforms on any of the e-commerce platforms.

So, these are all the 6 methods or hacks which I personally used to save money on online shopping and you can use it too.

And all these were legit and working methods not like another website where most of the methods were old and were not working.


So, this is all for the How To Save Money While Online Shopping?

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