How to report a Youtube channel if it is continuously spreading fake news?


In today’s article on Youtube mini, we will be talking about How to report a Youtube channel if it is continuously spreading fake news?

In today’s world of digital media, there are people who were spreading fake news for getting views and earning money.

So, it’s very important to stop it.

Because somewhere it can affect someone’s life.

In this article, we will guide you step by step that How to report a Youtube channel if it is continuously spreading fake news?

Let’s get started.

How to report a Youtube channel if it is continuously spreading fake news? | How to report fake news on youtube? | How to report a fake youtube channel?

There are many news channels or many individual creators who were spreading fake news just to get views and earning money.

But not many people were reporting them for their content because unless and until it’s upon us we didn’t take any action.

So, here are the ways you can report a youtube channel spreading fake news.

1.Report on youtube.

It’s one of the easiest ways you can do this on youtube is just go on that video that is fake and report it like this.

For example:

This video isn’t fake but I am trying to show you how to report fake news if you find it.

  • Go to that video which you find to be fake
  • Click on the 3 dots
  • Then you will get an option of the report click on it.
  • Then youtube will ask you some types that you find in those videos then you click on one of those and report that video.

Now, after you had reported a youtube video then it’s not directly removed from the channel, earlier youtube tends to remove the video directly from the channel but now youtube analyze the content and after reviewing that video which you had reported if they find anything that violates youtube guidelines then the video will be taken down.

2.Inform Youtube India

This is another effective strategy that will work for you if you find any youtube video which is spreading fake news then you can tag Youtube India official team if you are from India each country had its own team so then tag them about the concern you had.

Then in 24 hours they will take action for your concern make sure you provide the video link and the reason why you are reporting it.

3.Make a video on that

This is another effective way to stop fake news is that if you have a youtube channel or a good following on youtube or any other social media then you can make a video about it and request other people to spread the knowledge about it.

So, these are 3 effective ways in which you can report a channel and make sure that no one will get affected by those types of videos.


A YouTube channel named “one viral only ” which was launched just 2 weeks ago is spreading fake news in a convincing way and getting a lot of views. How can this channel be reported and banned?

Channel one viral only is a type of news channel in which a person had recorded a simple video of a village and then done voice-over but what I have noticed is that they had made some viral videos earlier which tend to viral and that’s the reason why they had 258k subscribers.

But now after they started uploading voice-over videos which were very simple not many people were watching them and they had deleted their viral videos but if they make this type of simple video then if you report it nothing will happen.

Because now they were not making that type of videos which they were making earlier.

How many reports does it take to ban a YouTube channel?

It doesn’t matter how many people report the youtube channel or its videos unless and until that video isn’t violating youtube community guidelines.

But somewhere if soo many people were reporting a single video then youtube check it very strictly.


So, this is all about How to report a Youtube channel if it is continuously spreading fake news?

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