How To Rank Live Stream On YouTube?

How To Rank Live Stream On YouTube?

In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about How To Rank Live Stream On YouTube?

When you search on youtube about how to rank youtube videos you will get tuns of videos that were telling you the same stuff but in a different way.

But there are very few people who will tell you about How To Rank Live Stream On YouTube.

And when I have searched on the web there is no step by step processes or ways to rank live stream on youtube.

So, in this article, we will tell you in detail about How To Rank Live Stream On YouTube which can increase your earnings and watch time.

Let’s get started.

How To Rank Live Stream On YouTube?

Before getting into the ways of How To Rank Live Stream On YouTube you need to first be clear in your mind that either you are doing a live stream for QNA or doing it for fun or collaborating in a live stream.

Once you had any one of them you need to understand that you first need to make sure that users were coming to watch the videos.

If no one is coming to watch the live stream videos then there’s no effect on how much you follow the methods and ways.

So, first, get the users or viewers to watch your video through catchy titles.

Now, coming back to the process of ranking a live stream on youtube:

1.Don’t wait for more than 1 minute in live stream

When you optimise your video and if a user watches your video and they found that in the starting 5 minutes of the video you had just waited for everybody to come then they will leave the video.

So, max to max wait for 1 minute in the starting then start whatever thing you were doing in the live stream.

Tell the viewers that if they had missed the starting part then they can watch the replay of the live stream when the live stream ends.

This will increase the watch time of your videos which will eventually help in ranking.

2. Use timestamps after the live stream ends

Whenever the live stream ends then go to your live stream video and write timestamp videos no matter how many topics you had covered in the live stream.

This will help your videos to get ranked in different keywords if your videos got decent views and watch time.

And let the users to watch the specific part of that video and give you watch time other than not having a timestamp and let go of the viewer.

3. Optimise the video after the video ends

  • Make the title as catchy or little bit clickbait which will let the users to come to watch the video.
  • Search for the keywords you want your videos to be ranked on (Use tubebuddy or use teh youtube search and auto suggestion)
  • Write paragraphs whcih are in natural language and add some keyowrds.
  • Add the keyowrds in the tags

4.Change the thumbnail

After the live stream ends then youtube will take any part of the video screenshot and use that screenshot as your live stream thumbnail.

So, after the live stream ends change the thumbnail of your live stream video which will make the user click on the video.

Because to rank your videos on youtube search you need to have a high CTR rate which can only be possible when you have a catchy thumbnail.

5. Ask for engagement

Whenever your live videos are going to end then tell all the users who were watching the videos no matter how many they were aks them to ask some questions or queries and like the video.

This will give a signal to the youtube algorithm that your video is engaging then youtube will push more your content in front of other people.


So, this is all for the How To Rank Live Stream On YouTube?

If you want to know more about Youtube then you can read our other articles on Youtube Mini.

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