How To Post The First Comment On A YouTube Video? | Youtube Comment Finder

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How To Post The First Comment On A YouTube Video? | Youtube Comment Finder

In Today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about How To Post The First Comment On A YouTube Video? | Youtube Comment Finder.

Many of us were true fans of some YouTubers and wanted to post the first comment on their videos.

Because sometimes those YouTubers either mention you in their Instagram story when you post the first to comment on their youtube video.

Or they were running some giveaway in which whoever puts the first comment on youtube will get the prize.

So, that’s why we want to know that How To Post The First Comment On A YouTube Video?

In this article, we will let you know the tips and tricks which will help you to make the first comment on a youtube video.

How To Post The First Comment On A YouTube Video?

There are YouTubers who run giveaways or some cash prices which can be only won by those people who will comment first on their video after they upload a video.

So, for making the first comment on youtube you need to follow some simple methods:

1.Analyse when they upload their content

Most of the YouTubers had a specific time to upload on youtube or date on youtube when they upload a video on youtube.

So, make sure that you know when they were uploading their content either it can be a specific time or day.

How To Post The First Comment On A YouTube Video? | Youtube Comment Finder

2.Follow them on their Social media accounts or groups

Another way is that you can follow them on Instagram or on Facebook or in any social media or even in their telegram groups.

In these social media platforms, they update when they were upload videos or when they were making the video live.

For example:

Learn and earn with Pavan Agrawal had a telegram group where he every time mention when he was ready to live a video and tell their viewers about the new video.

In this way, you can know and do the first comment on youtube.

Now, what about a youtube who needs to find that who have done the first comment on youtube?

So, if a YouTuber is running a give away then also a YouTubers needs to know that who had done the first comment in that video.

For that, there is a tool called Youtube comment finder

Which will help you to give you the date and time of the comments which had happened in your video in the first few hours.

How To Post The First Comment On A YouTube Video? | Youtube Comment Finder

For that on how to use youtube comment finder follow these simple steps:

  • Open the website and copy your video URL
  • Pase the url in teh search box
  • Then it will give the results of number of views, susbcribers, like
  • Then another box will pop up which will give you an option to search through a specific keyword.
  • Enter the keyword and you will get to see all those people who had post comment on your video in that specific keyword.
  • It will show you the date and time.

Why do people comment “first” on videos?

There are some true fans of some YouTubers who love the YouTubers and wanted to show their love to their YouTubers that’s the reason why they comment “FIRST” on their youtube videos.

Such that if the YouTuber see his or her comment they will get to know about them.

Or some of them were doing the first comment to get views and likes or to get attention.

Why do people usually watch comments before watching the videos on YouTube?

When you are watching a youtube video comment it really means that you want detailed information about a specific topic or a product. Like what other people were thinking about that topic or product will it be good for me or correct or not.

Or sometimes you just see the youtube video comments for entertainment.

Sometimes youtube comments also work as a review of your videos.

Why should you care about YouTube comments on videos?

Because youtube comment is a space where your audience expresses their feelings or thoughts about what they think of that video. So, if you are making a video and if you want to know that viewers are liking it or not then you should look into youtube comments.

Or if you want to know which type of videos should you create then you can look into either your comment or in your competitor’s comments.


What happens if you dislike a YouTube video or comment?

Technically it doesn’t affect in a bad way to that video in fact it helps the youtube algorithm to show that this particular video is getting traction or engagement.

Either you dislike or do comment on a video it simply means that the video is getting engagement so you are giving a signal to the youtube algorithm that this video is getting engagement so youtube push that video to more people.

How can I find who disliked my video on YouTube?

To find who dislike or like your comment on youtube follows these simple steps:
1. Allow the notifications from youtube
2. Make sure you comment from your email id which you were using.

When you do this and make a comment on any video and when someone likes or dislikes it will give you a notification either it’s in your mobile phone or in your desktop or laptop.

And even you will get an email notification in your promotion tabs.

What determines the ordering of comments to YouTube videos?

The ordering of comments on youtube videos depends upon:
1. If the creator gives you a heart
2. If more people like your comment
3. If more people had commented on your comment.


So, this is all for How To Post The First Comment On A YouTube Video? | Youtube Comment Finder

If you want to know more about Youtube then you can read our other articles on Youtube Mini.

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