How to get YouTube views without sharing the videos?

How to get YouTube views without sharing the videos?
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In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about How to get YouTube views without sharing the videos?

We all wanted to start a youtube channel and we do start a youtube but we are stuck somewhere which is getting views on our youtube videos.

And when we are just starting our own youtube channel at that point in time we don’t want to share our videos because we feel awkward at that time.

Then the question arose is that How to get YouTube views without sharing the videos?

So, in this article, we will let you know and everything about How to get YouTube views without sharing the videos?

Let’s get started.

How to get YouTube views without sharing the videos?

When we were just starting our own Youtube channel we kind of awkward that we can’t share our videos because the first couple of videos were not good.

But at the same time, we need views such that we can grow our youtube channel.

Without sharing videos on our social media or with our friends we find it difficult to get views.

But other than that sharing videos on social media isn’t the main thing through which we will get views.

So, there are a couple of things that you need to learn to get views on your videos without sharing your videos.

  • 1.Youtube SEO
  • 2.Websites
  • 3.Subtitles or CC

Before starting a youtube channel you need to understand your youtube audience it means that you need to understand that who is your audience whom you are making videos.

What type of videos do they want to see, what were their problems, and other things which you can solve with your videos.

And another thing which you need to analyze what are the videos that were currently getting views in your niche.

Now, we all knew these things which all YouTubers say that identify your niche or analyze your competitor or identify your audience.

But nobody tells you how to do that.

Then here are the step by step process to do all these things:

  • How to identify your niche?

To identify your niche for making videos on youtube then you have to look into yourself that what are the things in which you are good at or the things which you love doing or the things which you are having a great amount of knowledge about.

So, there are 2 categories where you can go either it can be your passion in which you love to make videos on or either in something in which you have great knowledge about or teach someone about it.

For identifying your passion write down at least 5 things that you love doing if nobody pays for it because in the starting stage you will not get any money unless and until you get monetized on your youtube channel.

Then after identifying your passion or the niche in which you will make videos then from those niches you have to write down at least 30-50 videos ideas which you will make videos.

And if you can’t make 30-50 video topics then you need to look into some other niche and do the process for the other 4 niches.

That’s how you will find out what you can make videos on.

  • How to identify who is your audience and what they want?

Once you identified what is your niche then you can easily find your target audience.

It’s a very simple process just search for the keywords or topics which were relevant to your niche on youtube and you will found a lot many videos on those topics.

Then filter those searches by channels.

After doing that you will get a lot many channels that were making videos on the same topic which you had chosen.

Now, here comes a question why people will watch my channel if already there are so many big channels in my niche?

This question always arose in all of our minds that why people will watch our video if there’s always a competition in our niche but let me tell you from an example there’s a channel in fitness niche named Saket Gokhale he’s having more than 7.4 lakh subscribers.

He had started in 2019 and now he had reached a milestone that most of the YouTubers can’t even achieve in 3 years which he had achieved in 1.5 years.

So, it’s not about competition it’s about what you can do unique in your own niche which will make you different from others there are many people who are in the fitness niche but they were struggling to grow in their niche.

Now, Coming back to the question that how to analyze your target audience or analyze the competition.

For example: Let’s take SEO as a keyword which we will make a video.

So, go to youtube search and type your keyword and then filter it with the channel.

Youtube Search Filter | How to get YouTube views without sharing the videos?

Then look for the top channels in that niche who were having the most number of subscribers.

How to get YouTube views without sharing the videos?

And then go into their channel and sort the videos according to the most popular and you will get to see that people or audience in this niche were loving to watch these types of videos.

How to get YouTube views without sharing the videos?

Repeat the same process for your respective niche.

1.Youtube SEO

Youtube SEO is one of the major things which can really help you get views on youtube.

Honestly telling you is that if your content is good then you didn’t need any kind of SEO.

But SEO will help you to get in front of the audience who were searching for a specific query on youtube.

So, what comes under SEO is Tags, Title and description.

That’s called Metadata.

Metadata tells youtube about what your videos are all about and helps the youtube algorithm to understand your videos.

Now, here comes the question that How to write titles? | how to write tags? | How to write a description?

Such that we can rank on youtube search and get traffic without sharing.

  • How to write titles for youtube videos?

To write a title for the youtube videos you need to understand a simple concept which is Query or keywords it means that for what keywords or query that people were doing in my niche.

So, for that go to youtube search and type your keywords and then hit space and you will get youtube autosuggestion where youtube will give you all the suggestions that people were searching on youtube in your niche.

Now, note down all the keywords in some sheets, and then for each query r keyword, you want to make a video on search it on youtube and analyze what is the title of those competitors videos where you can get an inspiration for the type of title you can use in your videos.

But here are some of the techniques which you can use to rank your videos on youtube search.

1.Using pipe Sign

To rank videos pipe sign is mostly used because in coding or HTML language it was seen as “OR” let suppose you have written a title of [how to rank a video on youtube search | How to get views from youtube search] so in this scenario, you will get rank for both queries why? because there is a pipe sign.

So, in this way, you can rank for multiple keywords and get more views than usual.

2.Using multiple keywords

This technique is used by many educational channels which I have been recently getting to know about because I have been a consultant in one of the biggest ed-tech startups in government exams in India.

So, what the competitors were doing is that they were writing keywords like this.

[Main exam keyword | Selection process | Notification | Eligibility ]

So, If they got a decent amount of views and watch time they were easily rank on all those keywords no matter how much competition they are in.

But for that to happen you need to have a decent amount of views and watch time then only it can happen.

  • How to write description for your youtube videos?

To write a description for the youtube videos you need to either write a paragraph that will tell you all about your videos and then try to put your keywords in between or you can just copy and paste your title as it is what most of the YouTubers who knows it does that.

Description means you need to describe in a way to youtube that it will understand what your videos are all about.

And after that, you can put a timestamp which will also help your videos to be ranked on multiple keywords.

Try to use keywords in your timestamps in which you want to rank for because timestamp also ranks on youtube as well as on google.

  • How to write tags for your youtube videos?

To, write tags you need to first choose those keywords which you want to rank for and then mix long keywords or some short keywords, and then at the end, you need to use your channel name keywords.

It will help you to get your viewers more suggestions of your videos when they watch one of your videos.

People think that tags were not important but tags were important because it helps youtube algorithm to understand your videos.

To know more in detail about Youtube SEO or How you can rank your videos on youtube you can read our other articles.


Now, this is also one of the techniques which not many YouTubers were using to get views for their videos.

You can do it on your own website or on different forums website.

Like just copy and paste your title and write a few 200-300 words of description about your videos in forums like Quora, Reddit, Medium.

And submit your article and because these websites were having great domain authority then your articles will easily rank if someone searches for your query.

3.Subtitle or CC

Not many people over India were knowing this because did not many people on youtube not analyze that much about youtube that’s the reason why they were not growing on youtube.

Write subtitles mostly in English because English is a language that is understood by most people all over the world.

And it also helps the youtube algorithm to understand your video content not only that.

Let’s say your content is in Hindi but your subtitles are in English so anyone who can understand English will also watch your videos and if someone from the USA is watching your videos then you will get more CPM.

YouTubers like Derral eves who is a youtube certified expert also use this thing to rank their videos on youtube and you can go to his channel and check.


So, this is all for How to get YouTube views without sharing the videos?

If you want to know more about Youtube then you can read our other articles on Youtube Mini.

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