[3 Unique Ways] How To Earn Money Online From Meesho?

In Today’s article On Youtube Mini, we will be talking about [3 Unique Ways] How To Earn Money Online From Meesho?

We all want to earn money online but the problem is always the how?

Because we had seen an enormous amount of videos on Youtube about how you can make money online with messho.

And most of them works when you have a large group of networks but the 3 unique ways which I am going to tell you in this articles were unique and barely 2-3 peoples were doing it.

So, if you really wanted to make money online with Meesho then stick with this article till the end and if you follow all these 3 unique ways step by step then you can earn a good amount of money from home.

Let’s get started.

[3 Unique Ways] How To Earn Money Online From Meesho?

To earn money online from the meesho app from these methods you would require some things which are:

  • Little bit of money for Facebook ads and website
  • Patience
  • Consistency

So, here are the 3 unique methods on How To Earn Money Online From Meesho:

1.Building an e-commerce website

Here you will build an e-commerce WordPress website where you will showcase all your products of Meesho by getting all the product details from the Meesho app and then putting it on your website.

Step 1: Build a website with WordPress without the brand name domain

Step 2: Then Select any free and normal e-commerce theme available on WordPress.

Step 3: Select the most selling product on Meesho with higher ratings and reviews. (If you can write a small article about that then it will be better for you)

And select the Margin you want to earn from that product.

For example, Most of the best selling products were related to women.

Step 4: After building your website and selecting your best selling products you need to run ads on Facebook for the product.

Make sure you don’t Boost the post it will not give you any reach.

Now here comes the most important part which is how you will make money from these techniques:

1.Give the link of your App referral code in the Buy now button

In this way, whoever opening your ads wanted to purchase the product or want to know more about it so they will click on the buy now button which will then give your referrals to the Meesho app and you can easily earn Rs.500-Rs.1000 per day.

2. Capture the details and then order them from your app

When you will run ads on Facebook they will come to your website and then if they wanted to buy it they will definitely click on Buy now button.

So, whenever they place the order you will get the details then simply order them from your app and fill in all the details.

And when they get their orders from Meesho you will get your commission.

Through this technique, you can easily earn Rs.1000 per day.

2.Building an entire youtube channel for Meesho products

In this method, you have to start a youtube channel whole Youtube channel for Meesho products and then you can give your referral link in your description.

Or you can earn money by making a detailed video around the product and give the link to your website where you had all the Meesho products.

Income sources in this method:

  • Referral income
  • Product sale income
  • Youtube adsene income if your channel got views and subscribers

3.Writing small and unique articles on Quora and Medium

This is the freeway if you don’t want to spend some money on building a website and running Facebook ads then you can use this method but let me tell you it will take time to get sales.

So, here you need to write small 300-500 words articles on both quora and medium and then share your referral link of the Meesho app.

Then if somebody goes through your link to download the App you will get a referral commission.

So, these are the [3 Unique Ways] How To Earn Money Online From Meesho which I don’t think so that anybody had told you earlier on the web or on youtube.

And if you follow these things and do everything right then earning money is guaranteed from the above 3 ways.

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So, this is all for the [3 Unique Ways] How To Earn Money Online From Meesho.

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