How Much Youtube Pay For 1 Lakh Views In India?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about How Much Youtube Pay For 1 Lakh Views In India?

Thinking to start a youtube channel? but worried about making money from it?

And searching for how much youtube will pay for 1 lakh views in India? Because you want to be sure that how much you can make from youtube channel if you start one.

So, in this article on Youtube Mini, we will tell you in detail.

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How Much Youtube Pay For 1 Lakh Views In India?

If you are in an entertainment niche or in vlogging niche then you can earn $0.2 – $0.5 for every 1000 views which will be around 20k-50k In INR and if it’s in the technology niche then it will be a minimum of $1 for 1000 views 1lakh INR minimum and if you are in finance niche then it can be around $2-$5 so you can easily earn 3-5 lakh rupees from 1 lakh views. It’s a rough estimate but it can differ according to your niche and your audience.

What is the income of a YouTuber with 1 lakh subscribers?

It depends mostly on which niche you are but if we estimate an average income of a YouTuber with 1 lakh subscribers in India will earn around 20k-50k per month if the YouTuber is from India but if talk about the USA then the youtube with 1 lakh subscribers can easily earn from $1000 -$3000 per month because the advertiser bid more in the USA than in India.


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