How much does Karikku (Malayalam YouTube channel) earn per month?

In today’s article on Youtube mini, we will be talking about How much does Karikku (Malayalam YouTube channel) earn per month?

Many of us only think of big channels that were making content purely in Hindi but in this case, it’s a pure Malayalam youtube channel.

Most of us think that in regional content there’s no reach but it was true in 2019 but not in 2021.

So, in this article, we will tell you all about Karikku (Malayalam YouTube channel).

Let’s get started.

How much does Karikku (Malayalam YouTube channel) earn per month?


Before getting into the per month income of Karikku let’s know more about it such that those who wanted to know more about it or wanted to do the same thing in their own language get an insight.

Name of the Youtube channelKarikku (Meaning Tender Coconut)
Parent Company Druperoot Media
Current subscribers7.1 million Subscribers
Started in Aug 16, 2016
Other channelsKarikku tuned, Karikku fliq, Karikku zero
Founded ByNikhil Prasad

Karikku is a 3-year-old media or entertainment-based company which produces content like other entertainment company but purely in the Malayalam language.

It was started in 2016 but was turned into a media company in 2018.

Now in their channel, they had multiple short films and series which are quite famous because most of think that in the regional language you can’t grow big.

But now Karikku is one of the proofs that you can grow your company as big as other media companies in the Hindi language.

The first video of Karikku which was uploaded 3 years ago was this:

This video is having 7.6 million views so from this you can get to know the potential of regional language.

Not only that they had also appeared on Netflix India for their one of series.

Their famous web series were :

  • Doosra limited series
  • Ripper
  • Sketches
  • Plus two class
  • Thera para

Now coming back to the initial topic for which you were here is How much does Karikku (Malayalam YouTube channel) earn per month?

The income of Karikku (Malayalam YouTube channel) earn per month is $3.8k – $60k (according to the social blade) which is a minimum of 2-5 lakhs rupees per month in 2021.

Karikku income per month

Here only youtube income is mentioned not how much they make from brands as well.


Why is “Karikku” YouTube channel so popular in Kerala?

Karikku is famous for his humour and comedy that they have added in their web series and that’s one of the reasons and other could be that there is no other channel that was producing this type of content in Malayalam because everybody wants to see the content in their regional language and feel proud for it so that can be a reason also.


So, this is all for How much does Karikku (Malayalam YouTube channel) earn per month?

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