How important is it to learn to do SEO in running a YouTube channel?

In today’s article we will be talking about How important is it to learn to do SEO in running a YouTube channel?

And tell you about how you can learn Youtube SEO for free.

If you want to grow your channel then let me tell you, you should learn SEO.

So, let’s get started.

What does SEO mean on youtube?

SEO means Search engine optimisation like every search engine Youtube is also a search engine and having its own algorithm.

Seo in youtube simply means that telling Youtube algorithm that what is your video is all about.

Now, you can do that with the help of title,Tags, descriptions.

But this was earlier used by Youtube to rank the videos which were properly optimised but now when more and more number of users were coming to youtube either creator or viewers.

More and more number of videos were uploaded every second.

So, to rank videos Youtube algorithm now look in to views, CTR and watch time.

The more you got these 3 elements there will be more probability that your youtube videos will rank higher in search and got more views.

Does Title, Tag and description still work in Youtube SEO?

Not exactly because you need to understand from a youtube point of view earlier there were few videos about some topics.

But now million of videos are there on a small topic.

So, if you are making videos on those small niche topics in which there are no videos then your chances of ranking will be higher with only optimising title, thumbnail, description.

But still somewhere description works somewhere in search ranking.

Let’s say when I search about mumbiker nikhil apple cider vinegar.

As you can see the video is still ranking because there is a specific query and in the description, there is apple cider vinegar.

This only works when you not search for generic terms it will only work when you search for specific query.

How important is it to learn to do SEO in running a YouTube channel?

Earlier there are not many videos on youtube but in 2021 there are millions of videos and creators who were creating videos every second.

So, if you want to stand out from other creators and get views on your videos and not let your videos sink on youtube ocean.

You need to learn SEO for youtube which will help you to rank your videos, get your videos views and earn money from them.

How to make your video appear first on youtube?

When i have searched for how to grow a youtube channel we got this video ranking in the first position.

How important is it to learn to do SEO in running a YouTube channel?

Now, let me tell you the reason behind the videos were ranking on the first position:

1.CTR (Click through rate)

When a user get suggestion of your videos and when more and more people were clicking on it to watch the video.

Youtube algorithm will get to know that the CTR is high on this video then it will suggest this video in the home feed and suggestion of similar audiences and videos.

So, how you can make your videos CTR high.

With Clickable thumbnail which we had already covered in our previous article about how you can make clickable thumbnails.

You can read the entire article and you will get to know how you can make clickable thumbnails.

2.Engagement or Watch time

When a user watches click on your videos which are let suppose 5-minute video and the user is watching your videos till 2.5 minute means your user retention is 50%.

It means the watch time is half of your video length.

Now, let’s say there is another video that is the same length as your video but that video is getting 60% of audience retention.

So, youtube will up-rank the video which is getting more watch time.

Talking about engagement means what are action does the user take when they watch your videos it can be commenting in your videos, like or dislike and sharing your videos.

Why watch time is important to youtube?

To understand why watch time is important to youtube we need to understand form youtube perspective.

Suppose a user comes to youtube and watch a video that seems to be interesting but what if he leaves the videos after watching it for 5 minutes.

And then the user leave youtube.

Here is a huge loss for youtube because the main source of income of youtube is from ads if a user doesn’t stay for long on youtube they can’t show them ads.

And if suppose that videos are yours and if the user doesn’t found it interesting then youtube will not promote or push your videos because your videos can’t retain users.

If users will not spend time on youtube there will be no money generated to youtube.

That’s the only reason why videos or channels that were getting more views and engagement youtube automatically promote them.

Do subscribers count still matters in 2021?

NO, earlier it was used to matter a lot but now youtube subscribers were not that matter much because now those channels who were having 2k-3k subscribers were getting millions of views.

As we had already discussed and also said by Mr beast that the channels or videos that were getting more watch time and high CTR those videos were getting millions of views.

Because not all the subscribers get a notification when you upload videos every time only a few % of subscribers were getting notification.

How to use Ahrefs for youtube SEO?

To use Aherfs for youtube SEO follow these simple steps:

1.Login in to your aherfs account and select keywords explorer.

2.Then select Youtube option

How important is it to learn to do SEO in running a YouTube channel?

3.After that search for the topic which you need to make video on.

4.Then you will get to know what other people were searching on youtube about a topic.

What is the YouTube channel description character limit?

The youtube channel description character limit is 5000 words in 2021.

What are the free tools we can use for youtube video seo?

The free tools which you can use for youtube video SEO were:

1.Tube buddy

2.Vid IQ

3.Youtube search suggestions

Is there any youtube video ranking software?

Yes, there is a software which you can use to rank your videos but that’s not guaranteed.

The name of the software is : Video marketing blaster

The software will search for all the description, tags, title form all those videos which have already got a good amount of views but this thing works at some point but not always.

Which is the best channel on YouTube to learn SEO in Hindi?

The best channel on Youtube to learn SEO in Hindi is:

1.Manoj Dey

2.Technical yogi

These are the 2 best channels which you can prefer to learn how you can grow your youtube channel and Youtube SEO.


So, this is a detailed answer about How important is it to learn to do SEO in running a YouTube channel?

If you also implement this i can guarantee you that you will start getting views.

Let me know in the comment box what you think about this article.

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