How Has YouTube Replaced The Television Industry?

How Has YouTube Replaced The Television Industry?

In Today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about How Has YouTube Replaced The Television Industry?

In today’s world we are using youtube like anything but there are days when we fight with people to watch a specific channel on our television.

Now, whenever we want to know something or want to learn something we just type in google and we get the desired results.

But do you know how has youtube replacing the television industry?

So, in this article we will share with you in detail about How Has YouTube Replaced The Television Industry?

Let’s get started.

How Has YouTube Replaced The Television Industry?

Youtube had somewhere replaced the television industry but till now it wasn’t able to replace the television industry completely because there are things that can’t happen on youtube and there are things that can’t be done on television.

Youtube Vs Television

Youtube Television
Ease of accessYou can watch any video on youtube being anywhere in the world you just need your smartphone and internet connectionBut in television, you need a TV and a cable or network operator which is fixed
CostYoutube is way cheaper than television because you don’t need any setup or subscription service.

Here you can access youtube with your internet connection.
Whereas in Television you need to have a Tv a network operator and a wi-fi internet connection which increases the overall cost.
MobilityYou can watch youtube no matter where you were going or you are.But on TV you can’t do that.
More optionsOn youtube, you will get more content options which you can watch on youtube.But in television, it all depends upon the network operator and how much you are paying them.
ControlYou have more control over what you want to watch and what you don’t want to watch.But on Television, you have a limited amount of control over what you can watch.
AdsYoutube had an option to skip ads on videos (mostly) but there are some ads that you can’t skip.In television, you don’t have any control over ads you need to watch those ads because you don’t have many options.
LonelinessThere are many advantages of youtube over television but one thing which make television alive is togetherness.On youtube, all people had their own television but when we watch television we watch it as a family which make us feel closer and spend quality time with the family.

But somewhere youtube is separating all of us.
Patience On youtube, because we have control we don’t have the patience to stop for something which will not only affect in youtube world but also affect the real world where we are losing patience.But on television, you and your family have to wait for something to come and watch together it makes us more patience in life which is a good thing.

After analysing all the facts there are much more advantages of youtube over television which is slowly replacing the television industry but it might not be able to replace the complete television industry.

According to, there are 1.7 billion people all over the world who were having Tv in their homes but when we see the data of youtube it’s having 2.29 billion users which is a huge number in a short period of time.

But still, there are things that youtube can’t replace in the television industry maybe it might happen that if there would be a technological revolution in the world of television then it might be possible that television will take control back.

Chances are less but yet possible but as the more and more number of people were shifting towards smartphone and internet we can say that if all the people in the world start using smartphones which will gonna happen soon there will be no television.


Is advertising on YouTube more successful than on TV? | Youtube vs Tv advertising

Yes, it’s more successful on youtube because on youtube you have more access and control over who you were targeting and who is your target audience, who will watch the videos whereas when you run ads on television you don’t know that if your target audience is watching your videos or not and there is not data which will tell you about what is the ROI.

You can say that advertising on youtube is more conversion based means that the audience you are targeting will convert more or purchase more of your products whereas when you run ads on television you will be running more branding or awareness ads.

Is advertising in digital media more expensive than tv advertising?

Yes, you can target more audiences on youtube spending $1000 per month whereas on television you need to spend $100k for only seconds of ads and only for few days.

After a couple of years, will YouTube replace all TV channels?

Yes, youtube can replace all tv channels by producing its own series like Netflix because people aren’t used to watching all those old types of shows now and another thing is that all the tv channels now were moving to youtube and uploading all the videos there because there is more audience on youtube who watch videos regularly as compared to television.

The internet penetration of the world is 4.66 billion but not all people were on youtube only 2.29 billion people were on youtube and we are 7.9 billion people in the world still more than 3 billion people are not using the internet so when all the people on the world will use the internet then we can say that it can replace the television.


So, this is all for the How Has YouTube Replaced The Television Industry?

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