How does collaboration help YouTubers to grow their YouTube Channel?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will discuss the topic of How does collaboration help YouTubers to grow their YouTube Channel?

When we were starting our youtube journey we watch a lot of videos where many big YouTubers or many experts were telling their tips and tricks.

And doing collaboration is one of them.

But as per the question we want to know which kind of benefit we get in the growth of the youtube channel when we are doing a collaboration with our other fellow YouTubers.

So, in this article, we will tell you in detail about How does collaboration help YouTubers to grow their YouTube channels?

Let’s get started.

How does collaboration help YouTubers to grow their YouTube Channel?

If you are searching for this query you are probably wanted to know that How does collaboration help YouTubers to grow their YouTube Channel?

When you collaborate with other YouTubers it gives a huge potential for you and your fellow YouTubers to grow their channel in terms of new viewers and if you provide a good amount of value then it can be your subscribers also.

How does collaboration help YouTubers to grow their YouTube Channel?

Let’s understand the concept of Collaboration with an example.

For example, There’s a channel of Ranveer Allabadhia who runs multiple companies on youtube so basically, he does podcasts with many YouTubers, Businessperson, and celebrities.

So, when he does a collaboration with any of the YouTubers here’s the only beneficiary wasn’t the other YouTuber who is getting interviewed.

But the person who is taking the interview is also getting benefited from the collaboration because the video was released there is a huge chance that the other YouTuber who’s getting interviewed will promote the video link on his social media and then his viewers will watch the videos and will subscribe to Ranveer’s channel.

And the same goes with Ranveer also he will also promote the video on his social media and his viewers will watch the video and want to know about the other YouTuber at the end if they like the YouTuber they end up subscribing.

What does it call in Marketing is: Omnipresence

Which is one person or product is seen in all of the places and the more you will be seen on every platform more the chances that you will build trust in the market and the more you will get people to follow you.

So, the conclusion of all these things is that collaboration will help you to grow your viewers, Subscribers, and income.

Now here are some MYTHS of collaboration:

1.We can’t do a collaboration with other niche YouTubers

2.We can’t collaborate with YouTubers if we had fewer subscribers.

3.The collaboration should be formal every time.

4.Tell me YOURS.

Things to check when you are collaborating with other youtubers:

1.You should have a good amount of content in your channel.

2.Your channel home page or channel page should be properly optimized so that whenever someone comes to your channel they get to know you better.

3.Don’t be so Formal it’s not an interview.

4.Collaborate with people in different niches as much as you can don’t limit yourself in your own niche.


How do I get other YouTubers to collaborate with me and my channel to grow?

Whenever you wanted to collaborate with anyone on youtube don’t just think of that how this collaboration will help your channel to grow instead provide some value to his/her audience such that his/her audience will follow you or subscribe to your channel.

When you are approaching some fellow YouTubers try to understand the type of content he or she makes such that when you are approaching him/her you can connect better and your pitch or email will not look like a cold email where someone is trying to sell you something.

Try to reach out professionally on emails and try to add some personalization in the email which will show them that you have made efforts to write down the email and the more you put in the effort the more the chances that you will get a positive result.

How can we get collaboration with other YouTubers?

Steps you need to follow to get collaboration with other YouTubers:

1.Don’t just go to the channel and grab the email and send an email (First understand the content type and what things he/she is doing in his/her channel).

2.Once you get to know about the YouTuber write down an email on your own don’t use any auto-generated or copy-pasted email script because when someone puts effort for us we feel special so try to write a personalized email.

3.If the YouTuber doesn’t reply to the first email don’t lose hope try to send an email 2-3 after sending the first email.

4.Try to meet him/her in person (if possible) to decide what you both can do in collaboration.

5.Don’t make a formal interview type of video try to have some fun on it because no one wants to watch interview types of videos.


So, the conclusion draws here is that when you collaborate with other YouTubers your reach will increase which will affect views, subscribers, and income from your youtube channel.

If you are reading till here I would like to thank you for reading and at the same time, I would love to know what’s your opinion on this topic in the comment box.

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