How Does A Short Video Platform Earn Money In India Except YouTube?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about How does a short video platform earn money in India except YouTube?

We all were having lot’s of short video app platforms on our smartphones and some of us create content in some of those apps.

But you have ever thought that how do those apps make money from?

And how do they pay the creators who were creating content?

Then in this article, we will tell you all about How does a short video platform earn money in India except YouTube?

Such that you can also get benefited from all these short videos apps and Earn money online.

So, Let’s get started.

How does a short video platform earn money in India except YouTube?

Before telling you about how short videos apps were making money let us know that how many users were there in these shorts video apps:

  • Mx Takatak: More than 10 crore users
  • Moj: 10 crore+ users
  • Chingari: 1 crore + users
  • Josh: 10 crore + users
  • Roppso: 10 crore + users

Most of the short videos apps were having more than 10 crore users.

So, having such a big user base of audiences as well as creators they can have an enormous amount of monetisation opportunities.

Now, talking about how they were earning money so here are the ways through which most of the shorts videos apps were earning money:

1. Advertisements

Most of these apps main source of revenue is from ads it can be from different companies and brands but all the apps which were mentioned above haven’t started ads because they were focusing on increasing their user base.

The more the user base = the more the money.

There’s a famous quote that “If you aren’t paying for the product then you are the product”.

It means that users who were creating content or watching content these apps were getting data regarding each user and with all those data one can use the data to show them the native ads for which advertisers are ready to pay for it.

2.Big events Campaigns or Movies promotions

If you are a user of these apps you will get to see that there are different types of contests running in these apps and users were creating content over it and the viewers were watching it on those apps.

Like in the time of any movie release the companies or producers run campaigns where they give money to these short video app platforms and tell them to run a contest and the winner will get to win exciting prices. So, in this way, the movie promotion is done and the platform owner gets the revenue from it.

In this type of campaign producers or brands are willing to pay a huge amount of money and platform which were not having ads on it earns a huge amount of money from this way.

3.In app purchases

In these short video apps, there are mainly two types of in-app purchases that are coins or stickers which you have to pay a certain amount to get those stickers and coins.

But the problem here is that not many people were purchasing these types of coins and stickers for giving their favourite creators only die-hard fans does it.

So, from this way, they get revenue but as huge as other streams.

Now, these are the ways through which the short video platforms were earning money.

But how does the content creators on short video app platform were earning money?

Very few creators were sharing revenue with the creators but still, creators are getting huge monetisation opportunities from these apps which were:

1. Sponsorships

Most of the creators now were earning huge chunks of money from sponsorships and brand promotions because at least for now there’s no revenue sharing model in Indian short video platforms.

2. Cross-platform promotions

In this method, creators were earning because they were promoting their own platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Youtube channels or selling merchandise or getting more sponsorships.

In this way, they were making more money not from one platform but from multiple platforms.

3. Featured in movies, songs and Tv serieals

You have seen that recently having a good amount of audience can get you in a movie or in a series or can also get you in TV serieals.

Because big brands or music stars want an audience whcih they can promote their work or songs or anything so they feature these short video platforms stars to get more reach.

And brands are willing to pay huge amount of money for the reach.


So, this is How Does A Short Video Platform Earn Money In India Except YouTube?

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