How do you find out what tags a YouTube video has?


In today’s article we will be talking about How do you find out what tags a YouTube video has?

Most of us wanted to know which tags a particular video or youtube channel had in order to get millions of views on his channel.

We look for those tags in their video but we can’t find it out.

So, in this particular blog post you will get to know How do you find out what tags a YouTube video has.

Let’s get started.

How do you find out what tags a YouTube video has?

To find our what tags a youtube video has we need to have these 2 tools:

1.Vid IQ

2.Tube buddy

These 2 chrome extensions can help you to find out what tags a youtube videos has used.

You can download it by going to Google chrome web store and search for one of them.

Once you download the extension and added to your google chrome.

Go to and search for any random topic and you will get to see this option on youtube.

How do you find out what tags a YouTube video has?

These option were same in case of Vid IQ and for Tube buddy.

When you turn on the enable inline keywords then you will start getting tags of a youtube video which you can also copy.

Why does youtube hide video tags?

To understand why does youtube hide video tags you need to know what is video tag and what it does for a video.

What is a Video tag in youtube?

A video tag or Tag on youtube is a metric that helps the youtube algorithm to understand what your videos is all about and which topic your videos is relevant to and which audience youtube can show it to.

So, it helps the youtube search engine to segment all the videos in different topics such that whenever a user searches for a query so youtube can easily understand what are the videos which youtube can show to the user to his query.

Now, back to the question Why does youtube hide video tags?

Youtube hide video tags because when more and more creators were started creating videos on the same topics and using the same tags an old video that has youtube will get confused that which video to show on top and which to show in the bottom.

If this happens videos that were having a good quality video get pushed down because somewhere youtube rank videos on their freshness now in 2021.

So, that’s the reason Why does youtube hide video tags and most of the creators will say that in Youtube SEO tags plays an important role and that’s all Youtube SEO is but in 2021 it’s not.

Why does my YouTube video not appear on search results? I have keywords and phrases in the description and as many tags as Youtube allows, but even with the upload date filter, it doesn’t show up.?

If you were saying that I have optimised my Youtube Title, tags and description but still my videos were not ranking then let me tell you it will never rank.

Because the Youtube algorithm had changed a lot in these 4-5 years now youtube algorithm can learn which videos to show to the user and what type of content a user likes.

It’s more like the Youtube algorithm is alive.

So, if you used all these things in 2016-2017 then it will work but now it will not work any more because now youtube doesn’t work like that there are other metrics like CTR rate and Watch time which youtube give more importance to.

If you can make your videos to get more CTR and more watch time your videos will automatically start ranking.

No matter what or how much similar tags I put for my YouTube video, I still can’t see my video in the top search. Why is that?

It’s 2021 now youtube has updated its algorithm and the youtube algorithm doesn’t require any human support to know which videos were good and which aren’t.

If you use this similar technique before 2018 it will work for you but now for youtube watch time and the more a user can spend time on youtube watching some videos, youtube will push those videos.

Because youtube revenue comes from Ads so the more a user will spend time watching videos on youtube the more youtube will earn and if that video can get a user to stay longer on youtube then the youtube algorithm will push that video to more users.

So, don’t think of just optimising your video title, tags and description focus more on Youtube watch time.

How would I know which tag is working in my YouTube video?

There are 2 ways in which you can know that which tags were working for you:

1.Analyse youtube analytics

Go to youtube studio and analyse which video has got more views than your other videos and you can see that those tags were giving you more views.

So, put the same tags or you can say same ” Metadata” in your other youtube videos.

What will happen that what the youtube algorithm get to know is that if you have used similar metadata of a video in your channel which is getting more views and engagement the youtube will see if some other video has the same metadata.

If that video is your channel which is having the same metadata then youtube will give suggestion to users to watch another video of your channel.

And let me tell you you will get most of the views from Youtube suggestion.

2.Search for the tags which you have used in your videos and if your videos rank in that particular then that means that tag works for you.

Should I copy tags of a YouTube video into mine?

You can copy the tags of a youtube video because most of the creator said that it will make your videos get into suggestions of their videos.

But you have ever thought that how many people had seen those type of videos maybe millions and if all those people were doing it then who will get in suggestion and who will not.

Unless and until youtube videos are not getting any engagement or watch time or nobody clicks on that video then no matter how much you copy other famous creators tags you will not get in their suggestions.

Is it legal to copy tags from other videos in YouTube?

Youtube doesn’t say that you can’t copy tags of other youtube videos so you can do it from the 2 chrome extensions I have listed above.


So, this is the detailed answer for the question How do you find out what tags a YouTube video has?

We had shared the insights that not only optimising tags will work for your youtube videos.

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