How Do Views On Quora Help On YouTube?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about How Do Views On Quora Help On YouTube?

We all want to grow our youtube channel but at the initial starting stage, we don’t know how to get views on our youtube video.

And we know that sharing our own videos on different social media platforms can get us views and likes.

But sharing on social media can be a little difficult for some of us so that’s the reason we chose quora to promote our videos.

Then the next thing which came up in our mind is that will it really help us to get views and subscribers on youtube videos?

So, in this article, we will let you know in detail How Do Views On Quora Help On YouTube such that you can grow on youtube and earn money online.

Let’s get started.

How Do Views On Quora Help On YouTube?

Shared your videos on quora and now thinking that your videos views will grow and you will eventually start getting traffic and your subscribers will increase.

Then sharing videos on quora and then hoping that you will get views is just a waste of time.

Let me tell you some ways through which you can get organic views from quora.

But before that ask yourself a question that when you will go to quora?

When you want answers to your questions which you really wanted to know about or you will go to youtube search when you want something really specific.

So, if you just share your videos hoping that you will get views will be a waste of time.

Here are the simple but effective ways and steps through which you can get views from Quora:

Step 1: Identifying the intent of your viewers (Means what they were searching for in your niche)

Step 2: Then look for what are the questions asked by viewers in your niche on quora.

How Do Views On Quora Help On YouTube?

Step 3: Then try to make videos on questions that were asked by your viewers.

Step 4: Then share the videos on Quora which will help those viewers to get their answers.

This will help you by getting views from quora and your viewers to get their questions solved.

In this way, you will get ranked at the top with your videos for an answer and it will get views on youtube and eventually your videos get started to rank on youtube also if it starts getting traffic.

Now coming back to the question How Do Views On Quora Help On YouTube?

It will help you to get a consistent amount of traffic to your youtube videos which help the videos to get ranked on youtube and eventually it will drive more and more views and get more money to your channel. And because your videos help viewers to get their answers there is a possibility that the video will also start ranking in google also. And if your quora answers were started ranking it will make your channel grow more.

What are the things you should take care of before making videos for a topic on quora?

Here are the things which you need to take care of before making videos on a topic on quora:

  • Make videos on those topic in your niche in which not mant people had written answer for or no body had written asnwers
  • Make videos on those topics if that question of quora is ranked on top of google.
  • Try to make videos initially on those topics which were How to types.
  • Always analsye if the already written answers were getting views or not.


So, this is all for the How Do Views On Quora Help On YouTube?

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