How Can You Sell An E-Book On YouTube channel? | How To Promote Your Book On YouTube?


In Today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about How Can You Sell An E-Book On YouTube channel? | How To Promote Your Book On Youtube?

Most of us were starting our online business or consulting business or want to sell our ebooks to make money from our homes.

But the one question which comes under our mind is where to sell my book online?

So, in this article, we will tell you all about How Can You Sell An E-Book On YouTube channel? | How To Promote Your Book On Youtube?

let’s get started.

How Can You Sell An E-Book On YouTube channel? | How To Promote Your Book On Youtube?

Wanting to start your online business by selling Ebooks or wanted to give your ebook for free in return for emails but don’t know where to sell an ebook online.

Then you are at the right place because you will get to know each and everything about how you can promote your ebook/book through online mediums.

Now coming to the main question how you can sell your Ebook on your youtube channel?

There are 5 ways through which you can sell your E-book organically on youtube channel:

1.Giving value to your Audience
2.Giveaway or Discount
4.Showing it in your youtube videos

1.Giving value

First thing you need to understand is that when you want to sell anything you have to build the trust and which can only happen when you provide some value for free.

But the thing is that it takes time to build trust.

And when you build trust people know how much value you were providing to them.

Then you can say that if you want more value then you can purchase my Ebook through which you can get more vaue and that’s one of the organic way through which you can sell your Ebook from your youtube channel.


Next thing Is give away you can give some lucky winners of your giveaway either for free if your main aim is to collect the email address or if your main aim is to sell the ebook then you can give them discount in this way people use to purchase more.

Because the word discount is one things which make people mind to purchase it.


When you collaborate with similar people in your niche then you can make your Ebook a hype which will make people to buy it.

And people will buy it if your Ebook is really good no matter what.

So, what you need to do is find some people who were relevant to your niche and approach them to collaborate either for free or paid and tell about your Ebook in their videos.

Then you have a greater reach other than your youtube channel.

4.Showing it on your youtube videos

You can show your book in your every video such that whenever someone watch your video they get to know about your book or Ebook.

This is the marketing strategy which Shwetabh Gangawar uses in his videos when he wrote his book and his book become one of the best sellers on amazon.


Now, when you already sold some of your ebooks you got the email and phone number of those customers so reach them and ask them what they like about your Ebook and what they don’t like.

And if they were saying positive things then ask for video testimonials and if they were saying negative then make all those videos in to one video.

Through this one thing will happen which is trust of other people in your prdouct because we all were social animals.

And we all buy something from Amazon which is having more than 1k reviews so these testimonials were the video reviews about your ebook.

So, using this 5 strategies you can organically sell your Ebook with your youtube channel.

And no matter you have an Ebook or a Book you can use these 5 strategies to make your book or ebook sell without spending any money.

Should I use YouTube ads for selling an eBook?

Yes, you can use Youtueb ads for selling an Ebook but here’s the catch audience on youtube will only buy when you have some credibility on youtube either you have already some audience or you have some authority in your niche.

Other wise very less people will buy your Ebook because very less people will buy those products which they don’t know and the cost of youtube ads is very high as compared to other ad networks.

How much money should I put on Facebook ads to sell my ebook?

There’s no specific amount which you need to pay in order to sell your Ebook on facebook but you have tospend atleast 500 INR inorder to get some sales or run your ads for 7 days.

Because you will not get sale the first day when you will run ads on facebook it takes time to get a sale so make sure you atleast run ads for 7 days such that you’ll get to know who where the people who were interested in buying your EBook.

And another tip is that make sure you make atkeast 5 ads in your one campaign and try out dioffrent colours, different placements, different words.

Because not everyone is same.

Does paid Facebook ads for ebooks help you sell books?

Yes, it’s effective if you make your campaign and your ads well if you are just spending money and your creatives were not good then also you will not get any sales.

So, for that you need to try different things and ideas because nowadays anyone can run ads watching a video on youtube but the main game is there when you have to implement different ideas.

Which is better to sell your books – Amazon advertising or Facebook ads?

I will say that you should use both and then draw conclusion because in amazon if you are selling an Ebook there will be a niche audience there, who were only coming to buy ebooks and it will be much easier that you will get conversions.

But when you are running ads either it’s remarketing or conversion ads the rate of conversion will be less because if you are spending less then you will not get that much of sales and you can’t target niche audience in less budget.

And you have to select the audience and many more things were there so unless and until if you don’t run ads 2-3 tie you will not get any idea of who is your target audience in facebook.

What is an effective marketing strategy for selling an ebook?

The most effective strategy is collaborations and other people were talking about your product in the market, Apple will not be that big if he only talks about his brand it’s a trillion dollar company because of 2 things one is their awesome product and another is because people always talk about apple.

So, if you are in any niche make sure either your audience is talking about your product or your big influencer were talking about your product.

This is one of the effective way to sell any book or any product.

Can I sell my eBook for $100?

Yes and No both, because not all people were willing to spend $100 for an ebook unless and until it’s some one who had a big name in the industry.

If people like Mr beast launch an ebook about his youtube secret and even if it’s $1000 people will buy because he had a name in the industry.

Try to sell it for maximum $50 then there will be chances that you will sell your Ebook online.


During a pandemic which book is better for students ebook or a printed book?

It depends upon individual thinking but if you read a printed book then it will be more beneficial for you. Why because no matter how good the ebook were the feel which you’ll get reading a printed book is very different from an ebook.

And when you are reading a printed ebook you will not have any distraction but when you read an ebook in your mobile or tabs then you will have distractions and it can rescue your eyes power.

What is the rate of e-book making per page?

If you are writing an ebook by your own then there will be no cost and if you are making someone to write then you have to pay them either based on the words or per page.

So, if you make an Ebook of 2k-3k words then in India it will cost you around Rs.500 -Rs.1000 and if you are making it in other countries then it can cost you around $50-$100.

Can I upload an ebook on my telegram channel?

Yes, you can upload Ebook’s on telegram group or individually because an Ebook will be in a PDF form so you can easily share it as an Document in telegram.

How do ebooks help lower advertising cost?

Because making an ebook will cost you either $50-$100 and if you want to sell it you don’t have to go to any publisher or any middle man you can sell it on your own and if you write all the ebook on your won then the cost of making an ebook will be zero.

But the main costing will be advertising which can be manged if you have a good knowledge of running ads on different platforms.

Does E-books have less impact than printed books?

Yes, ofcourse no matter how many ebook you will purchase or read but the feeling of reading a book when you are holding it will be different and the smell of a book when you read it will be different.

Ebook selling comes under which business category

Ebook selling comes under Online or Internet marketing catgeory.

Can I make an ebook of other authors print books?

No, you can’t make an ebook of the same content of different authors but at the same time you can include their strategy or tell your own story or journey when you learn or implement something from them.

But if you copy each and everything then you can get a copy right claim.

How to get typing work in ebook typing?

Youc an easily get a typing work in an ebook typing by just simply approaching a marketer or a person who want to provide an ebook or knowledge in an ebook form for their audience.

So, when you approach them you can say that you will make the entire ebook for them or tell them that you can write an ebook related to your youtube videos which youc an provide or sell your audince.

How to apply for e book-related jobs work from home?

Just simply go to jobs website in your country or region and search for either content writing jobs or ebook jobs and many of them were work from home jobs.

Or you can get a Job of content writing or ebook writing to many freelancing websites.

Is it possible to publish an ebook on Amazon Kindle during a lockdown?

Yes, it’s possible to publish an ebook on Amazon during lockdown because publishing an ebook on amazon will not required any human presence so you can just upload the ebook whcih you have written and then enjoy the royalty if your ebook sell.


So, this is all for How Can You Sell An E-Book On YouTube channel? | How To Promote Your Book On Youtube?

If you want to know more about Youtube then you can read our other articles on Youtube Mini.

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