How Can We Promote Job channel On YouTube?

How Can We Promote Job channel On YouTube?

In today’s article on youtube mini we will be talking about How Can We Promote Job channel On YouTube?

We all were finding jobs which can help us to earn money and spend a good life.

But we aren’t able to find jobs and there comes an opportunity which is opening a job youtube channel on youtube.

This will not only help you with finding jobs but also can help others to get started earning.

So, if you are a person who is regularly finding jobs on different jobs on different websites then this can help you with this.

In this article, we will let you know how you can earn money from a job youtube channel with example and not from single but multiple channels of income.

Let’s get started.

How Can We Promote Job channel On YouTube?

After this pandemic, we all have lost jobs and eagerly searching for jobs to earn money either it’s an online or offline job.

But the problem here is that there are multiple jobs platforms that were there and we can’t able to track those platforms daily.

But if someone makes a video of about let’s say 10-15 minutes about telling the jobs which were there then we can easily apply to those jobs.

So, if you are making videos about the jobs like government jobs and vacancy then you will be facing a lot of competition where on youtube you can’t easily rank for it.

But if you are making videos on the jobs which were not government jobs but are private jobs.

Not all people were willing to prepare for the government jobs which take time to get in and not all the people get government jobs.

Almost 70%-80% of people were working on private jobs in most of the countries.

And not many people were working on this kind of youtube channel because they think that people were only seeking government jobs.

So, if you make videos on these private-sector jobs then you can also get a huge amount of traffic and earn money from AdSense.

Now, here are the ways through which we can promote the job youtube channel:

1.Learn Youtube SEO

Learning youtube SEO will help you to optimize your videos to get rank on particular keywords and get traffic from youtube searches.

And we had written a detailed article on Youtube SEO.

You can read it and understand it and not only that we have shared some SECRETS SEO techniques that will help you to get ranked on multiple keywords.


If you don’t know then let me tell you about the youtube algorithm that many people only click on seeing a thumbnail of a video.

But at the same time, the youtube algorithm also analyzes your thumbnails and shows a particular type of videos to a particular set of audience.

So, make your thumbnails clear and precise such that the user and youtube algorithms can easily understand your thumbnail.

Tip: Show the salary of the jobs it mostly attracts the user to your videos.

3.Paid ads

If you don’t understand youtube SEO then you can also get traffic from paid ads if you know how to run ads on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and youtube.

Then you can get views and subscribers from it.

And grow your job youtube channel.


This is one of the ways which still works on youtube but the only problem is that earlier people easily collaborate with other YouTubers.

But now in 2021 people were not willing to collaborate with each other.

So, when you are just starting on youtube not many people will collaborate with you.

What you can do is either approach them for free if they don’t agree then paid them to collaborate with you.

In this way, you’ll start getting traction on the youtube channel.

But make sure you make at least 30 videos minimum before approaching for collaboration with anyone.

Now, coming to the earning point.

How can you earn from your job youtube channel?

To earn money from your youtube channel in multiple ways you need to have a youtube channel (ofcourse) and a website.

So, here you need to do the effort in the starting stage.

And when you start earning some money you can hire people to do the work.

Here’s how:

  1. Make 2-3 videos of diffrent private jobs either in your locality or in your city or in your country.
  2. Then write articles about all the jobs which will be 200-300 words then give those links which will getthe user to the company webiste.
  3. Then give your website or that particular article link in the youtube videos (this will redirect the traffic from youtube to your website)
  4. And then after writing atleast 15-20 unique articles apply for Google adsense.
  5. So, whenever a user get in to your website they will see ads and you will earn money form website and if your youtube channel got monetised then you will be earning from 2 ways.

And not only that here isn’t the ads there were company who will pay you to make a video or write an article on youtube about their company vacany or either they will sponsor you.

Here’s the example of simialr youtube channel:

If you analyse this channel on youtube then you will see that they were exactly doing the same and they were getting good amount of views and susbcribers and they were easily earning $500-$1000 from youtube alone.

And if you visit their webiste you will see that they were having Google ads on it.

How Can We Promote Job channel On YouTube?

And from website they were getting 400k-600k traffic and from their website they were earning atleast $300-$500 minimum per month.

How Can We Promote Job channel On YouTube?


So, this is all for How Can We Promote Job channel On YouTube?

If you want to know more about Youtube then you can also read our other artciles on Youtube Mini.

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