How can my YouTube videos get better rankings?

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In Today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be discussing How can my YouTube videos get better rankings?

Many of us are YouTubers or wanted to become YouTubers and after watching a couple of videos on youtube we got know that we need to optimise our videos to get a better ranking on youtube search.

But apart from ding SEO of your videos, there’s a lot more which you need to know about to get a better ranking on youtube.

So, in this article, we will tell you all about in detail how you can get a better ranking on youtube.

let’s get started.

How can my YouTube videos get better rankings?

When we search on youtube about how to rank our videos on youtube search we will get thousands of results that will tell you that do SEO i.e Search Engine Optimisation.

But nobody tells you about other things which are way more important than SEO.

Yes, SEO plays a role in ranking your videos on youtube search but other than that there are 2 other factors that are the main things to make your videos rank on search.

  • Watch Time
  • CTR

Now we will dig deeper into each and everything such that you will understand better and we will share with you some of my SECRETS SEO techniques that were used by big companies.

1.Watch time

It simply means the amount of time a user spends on your videos can be either 1 minute to 10 minutes depends upon your video length.

And now why it’s important because what youtube wants is that the more the user will spend time on youtube watching some videos.

The more ads can be shown to him/her and the more revenue youtube will make.

So, simple if your videos are getting more watch time or audience retention then youtube will push your videos to more and more viewers and automatically your videos will rank on youtube.

Now, the next question will be how to increase watch time then here is the video for it:


CTR stands for Click-Through Rate it means that how many viewers were clicking in your videos when they get the suggestion on their home page or next to some other videos.

So, if your CTR is more than 5% it means that your video thumbnail is very good and that’s the only thing that can improve your CTR.

Here I will embed a video that will tell you how to improve the CTR of your videos:

Now, coming to the SEO which all YouTubers told you to do on youtube.

One thing you need to think is that you are not the only one who is doing SEO on youtube there are millions of people who were doing SEO in the same way and that’s the reason why many YouTubers don’t get results.

SEO is not just only about putting your target keywords in your title, tags and description.

But there’s way may more than that which nobody will tell you and not many people know on youtube.

My Tried and Tested SEO Techniques for Youtube Videos:

1.Community post

This is one of the most underestimate thing which not all youtubers were using it wisely.

Becuase they think that it’s for only connecting with their comunity but that’s the half story tell.

I have started using it in a different way to promote my videos.

Let me tell you a thing which is those videos which is getting most of the views and engagement in the first 2 hours of uploading a video are the videos which were most likely to get more views and get ranked.

How, becuase if youtube sees that this videos is performing good in the first 2 hours then there are more chances that other people will aslo like it then youtube starts promoting it.

Now, here comes the question that in which ways you can promote your videos in community post.

1.Don’t just copy and paste your videos title in the community post becuase it will get the least amount of interaction. Instead use some catchy headlines and then give your videos link.

2.And before making public your videos share a glimpse of your videos or behind the scenes or images.

3.Use polls to know that what your audience thinks about your videos and content.

When you do all these 3 things the more engagement you got in your community post the more reach you will get because in community post not only your subcribers will get your post but other people who were similar to your channel viewers were also shown these community post.

2.How to write a title to rank on multiple keywords on youtube

People will say that include keywords which you want to rank for in your title and that’s it.

But that’s not all becuase there are many ways which you can write titles to rank on multiple keywords if your video content is strong.

1.Using pipe sign (|)

This pipe sign is used as OR in html language and google/youtube understand html language.

So, let’s say you write a title in this way ” How to rank your videos on Youtube” (long tail keywords) now in this case if a user search similar long query on youtube search then only you will get to rank on the query.

But if you write like this ” How to rank your youtube videos | How to do SEO to rank your youtube videos” then what will happen is that if your content is good for viewers then it will start ranking for these 2 keywords in one videos.

And another method which most of the education channel uses like this : NABAD notification 2021 | Salary | Recrutiment process | Eligibility

So, what happen here is let say someone searches on youtube about NABAD 2021 salary then also if your videos were getting decent amount of views then you will get ranked in this keyword.

Earlier i donn’t understand about this but when i implemneted it on one of my channel then i got to know about it.

Know more in detail in this article: A Secret tip by Pavan Agrawal Blogger.

3.How to get videos on the suggestion of other YouTubers

See, this technique is used by many other big youtubers like Dhruv rathee.

Let me give you some proof:

How can my YouTube videos get better rankings?

Here you can see that in his video tags he’s using some of the tags of Khan Sir.

Now you will ask me why?

Then let me tell you that if you are making a video on a topic which is already made by some popular creators like khan sir.

Then to get suggested in the end of their video you need to be similar to their video.

So, if you are using the same type of keywords and tags like the other creator which had already made the video then there are more chances that the videos will get suggested to the khan sir viewers.

If you are making video on already made topic then make sure that you use these techniques.


In the engagements it can be a comment, like-dislike, share.

Now why you should focus on engagement is that when you get a notification on your mobile that someone commented on your video or comment or your comment get highlighted or given a heart then.

What you do?

You click on that notifiaction and check that who’s the person and what did he wrote.

So, in this way you are going to the youtube platform whcih all youtube wants and if you are creators and if you engage with your audience and if your audince come back by clicking the notification.

Youtube got to know that these creator engage with audinec which helps youtube to know that these creator is helping youtube to get back an audinece to the platform.

So, youtube push your content more.


So, this is all for How can my YouTube videos get better rankings?

All these SEO Techniques will only works if your videos perfrom well on youtube and if your video isn’t good then no matter how much SEO you do it will be wasteseo techniques

If you want to know more about youtube then you can read our other articles on Youtube Mini.

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