How Bad Is YT Premium To YT Creators?

How Bad Is YT Premium To YT Creators?

In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about How Bad Is YT Premium To YT Creators?

After youtube had introduced YT premium most of the creators on youtube thinks that now earnings on earning will be decreased.

But that’s the half part that most of the creators know about it.

So, in this article, we will tell you how good or bad YT premium is for Yt creators.

Let’s get started.

How Bad Is YT Premium To YT Creators?

Before getting to know about How Bad or Good Is YT Premium To YT Creators.

Let us understand in Brief that what is YT premium?

Youtube Premium is a child product of Youtube through which if a viewer pay a fixed amount of money per month they can stop the ads on the youtube videos they were watching on youtube.

Now coming back to the question which is How Bad Is YT Premium To YT Creators?

Youtube premium is not a bad thing for YT creators because not all the viewers were who were watching your videos were having a youtube premium account. That means that the revenue from Youtube premium will be low and at the same time, it will not affect that to youtube creators. Because if something which can be watched for free nobody will pay for it. Nor it will increase your income that much because it totally depends upon your country, niche and audience.

Does YouTube Premium support or reduce the profits of content creators?

Yes, Youtube premium supports youtube creators because it’s an extra income that you will get from youtube but it will be not much or it can be much for someone because in some country people doesn’t like to watch ads and they purchase youtube premium or it can also happen that in some niches people are ok to watch ads but in some, they don’t so it’s an extra income but at the same time it totally depends for someone it will increase their income and for someone it will make no effect.

How Bad Is YT Premium To YT Creators?

Do YouTube content creators benefit more from viewers who have YouTube premium? | Can YouTubers still earn after YouTube introduces YouTube Premium without ads?

Yes, it will be an extra income rather than just a youtube adsense income but as you know that not many people are using youtube premium to watch youtube videos so it’s an additional income which is way less than youtube adsense.

Does YouTube Premium support or reduce the profits of content creators?

Definitely, it was made to support the youtube creators but if someone is using the same account and sharing the account with others then it will be definitely a loss of revenue for youtube as well as youtube creators.

How do YouTube creators make money on YouTube Premium, if the videos are ad-free?

If someone on youtube had a Youtube premium account and watching videos then also the youtube creators will be paid but the income will be fixed per video. But there is no clear image that on what basis that youtube creators will be paid in youtube premium. And because it’s youtube premium there are no criteria for CPC or CPV.

Is the only way the creators on YouTube get paid if the viewer watches the entire video ad that comes at the beginning of the YouTube video?

No, there are many other streams through which YouTubers on youtube earns:

1. Youtube adsense (Initially for growing creators)

2. Sponsorships and Brand collaborations

3. Affiliate products (mostly from Amazon)

4. Youtube memberships

5. Merchandise

With YouTube Premium does watching creators videos still contribute to their earnings?

Yes, youtube premium main motive is to increase the youtube Adsense income of creators and that’s the only reason why every month when your adsense income was displayed there is a separate income of youtube premium is which is also displayed.

Does pay for YouTube Premium means less ad revenue for creators?

No, it’s an additional and separate income from youtube but yes there are chances that your income can be decreased because there’s no CPC or CPV because when someone watches an ad on your videos and clicks on some of the ads you will get a different amount of income but that’s not applicable for youtube premium. So, the youtube premium income totally depends upon which niche and what type of audience watching your videos for some creators will be less or decrease the revenue and for some creators, it increases the revenue.


So, this is all for the How Bad Is YT Premium To YT Creators?

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