[The Harsh Truth]How accurate is Social blade?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about [The Harsh Truth] How accurate is Social blade?

We all have used social blade at a time to check mostly the earnings of the Youtubers you admire or wanted to know how you can also earn money from youtube.

But when you start the youtube channel you didn’t get what you see in other YouTubers income reports then you get a doubt which is How accurate is Social blade?

So, in this article, we will tell you in detail with examples that How accurate is Social blade?

Let’s get started.

[The Harsh Truth] How accurate is Social blade? (is socialblade accurate)

If you are going on the social blade to look for the stats of a YouTuber then it’s 100% accurate and will tell you in detail stats about the YouTuber. But if you are going to check the YouTubers earnings then it’s somewhat 10% accurate. Why because it calculates the earnings on the basis of views a channel is getting but the reality is that not every time ads will run when a viewer is watching a video and not every channel is monetised.

And there’s also a thing which you also need to understand that is the earnings which are shown in the small YouTubers channel were mostly wrong but the earnings that it shows off big YouTubers it’s 80% accurate. Because big and well-known YouTubers are earning a good amount of money from youtube adsense.

Now it’s time for the proofs:

Proof 1: Mumbiker Nikhil vlogs

This is a fan-based channel which is having around 25k subscribers on youtube and we handle the channel.

So, let’s see what social blade say about this channel earnings?

How accurate is Social blade?
mumbiker nikhil social blade | social blade mumbiker nikhil

It says that it’s earning (is social blade income accurate) from $85-$1.4k per month from youtube but that’s not the truth.

Let me show the real earnings of the channels.

Not even close to what social blade is showing.

That’s how accurate social blade is.

Proof 2:

There is a channel named Sandeep Maheshwari which is having more than 21 million subscribers.

And let’s see what social blade says about it.

How accurate is Social blade?

It’s said that the channel is earning $7.5k -$120.2k per month but the actual truth is that the channel is even monetised which social blade isn’t telling you.

And just showing the income the channel is making based upon the views it’s getting on the channel.

So, the conclusion is that social blade analyses a channel and its estimated earning on the basis of views and subscribers which is nearly 10%-20% accurate.

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What is a Social blade?

The social blade is a tool based website that collects the data from different websites like Youtube, Twitch, Instagram and Twitter and analyses the data and then projects the data in a simpler form where anybody even a kid can understand it.

It also tells you about the future projections and the estimated earnings of the channel or profile in that particular platform.

How does social blade work?

Social blade works on the basis of API it uses the API of different platforms like youtube, Instagram, Twitch and Twitter and then shows you the data about a particular person of the particular channel but the earning that he calculates is on the basis of this method which is the that for every 3000-4000 views they will get $1 and this method is applied on every channels earnings.

What is the Social blade Instagram?

The social blade Instagram id is: https://www.instagram.com/socialblade/

Who is the founder of Social blade?

The founder of Social blade is: Jason Urgo


So, this is all for the [The Harsh Truth] How accurate is Social blade?

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