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In today’s article on youtube Mini, we will be talking about Hansraj Raghuwanshi | Lifestyle | Income | Age who is our most famous singer when it comes to Spiritual or Bhakti songs in India.

There might be chances that some of you were knowing him very well or you have already listened to his songs over youtube or in someone’s ringtone.

But in this article, we will let you know and everything about Hansraj Raghuwanshi.

And let me tell you he’s one of my favourite singers whom I listen to every morning.

Let’s get started.

Hansraj Raghuwanshi | Lifestyle | Income | Age

Hansraj Raghuvanshi
Hansraj Raghuwanshi Pic
Youtube channel name Hansraj Raghuwanshi
Subscribers 6.39 million subscribers
Started in May 27, 2016
Age 29 years old (18 July 1992)
Youtube Income $14.7k – $234.6k (10 lakh Rupees minimum) per month (According to the social blade)
Real name Hansraj Raghuwanshi
Nickname Baba Ji and Hansu
Father name Prem Raghuwanshi
Mother name Leela Raghuwanshi
Instagram Hansraj Raghuwanshi Instagram
Facebook Hansraj Raghuwanshi Facebook
Twitter Hansraj Raghuwanshi Twitter

Who is Hansraj Raghuwanshi ( हंसराज | हंसराज रघुवंशी | Hansraj Raghuvanshi)?

Hansraj Raghuwasnhsi aka Baba Hansraj Raghuwanshi aka Baba Ji is a very famous Indian Singer, Writer, Composer and Actor who is very famous in India for his devotional songs mostly for his songs related to Lord shiva.

He’s very calm, Humble and he’s having a very lovely smile.

And most of us can see his devotion to lord shiva and we can also say that he’s having god gifted voice.

In one of his songs named ” Shiv Shiv Shankara,” he had shared how he had struggled when he was doing his education and facing difficulties in his life such that he had worked in a college canteen in Delhi university.

So, all the success that Hansraj Raghuwanshi had now is all because of his hard work, dedication and his devotion towards Lord Shiva.

Hansraj Raghuvanshi also loves to cook food and he loves home-cooked food.

He had learned singing from his father.

Which is Hansraj Raghuwanshi home town?

The home town of Hansraj Raghuwanshi is: Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh

Which are the most famous songs of Hansraj Raghuwanshi?

Here are the most famous songs of Hansraj Raghuwanshi:

  • Mahadeva Song
  • Ganga Kinare
  • Damru Bajaya
  • Shamshaan
  • Shiv kailasho ke Vasi
  • AFRICAANA Yaar Kaminey
  • Mera Bhola Hai Bhandari
  • Chalo Kasol
  • Radhe Radhe 
  • Shiv Shiv Shankara
  • Shiv sama rahe
  • Laagi Lagan Shankara
  • Bholenath Ki Shadi

Which is the Hansraj Raghuwanshi Bollywood song?

The song that Hansraj Raghuwanshi sang for Bollywood movies is: Aadha Bhi Jyada

What’s the name of Hansraj Raghuwanshi hairstyle?

The name of Hansraj Raghuwanshi hairstyle is: Dread Hair

Who is Hansraj Raghuwanshi wife?

Hansraj Raghuwanshi wife is KOMAL SAKLANI.

Which car does Hansraj Raghuwanshi drive?

The car that Hansraj Raghuwanshi drive is: MG Hector

Which is the website of Hansraj Raghuwanshi?

The website of Hansraj Raghuwanshi is: https://hansrajraghuwanshi.in/


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