[Reality] Is Ghar Pe Shiksha A Fraud Or Real?

[Reality] Is Ghar Pe Shiksha A Fraud Or Real?

In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about [Reality] Is Ghar pe Shiksha A Fraud Or Real?

After the pandemic happened we can’t go to the coaching classes because there will be so many people and most of the coaching classes has been shut off.

So, we all were looking for coaching or tuition classes that were near us or home tuitions or Home tutors. But at the time of the pandemic, many coaching startups had done fraud to students and parents.

In this article, we will also talk about a startup i.e Gharpeshiksha and we will provide you with all the details about them.

So, let’s get started.

[Reality] Is Ghar Pe Shiksha A Fraud Or Real?

Company nameGharpeshiksha
Started in 2014 as per company webiste
RegisteredNo, the company isn’t registered
Situated in Delhi (main office)
Company domainEducation sector
CEO and Founder (ghar pe shiksha owner name)As per Google the CEO is Akhilesh Bali. and as per Facebook, it’s Manish Chawla.
Official websitehttps://www.gharpeshiksha.com/
Total Employees67 employees (As of LinkedIn) but on the website they had said that they had 35k tutors registered with them.
Instagram Gharpeshiksha Instagram
Facebook Gharpeshiksha Facebook
Linkedin Gharpeshiksha Linkedin

What is Ghar Pe Shiksha all about?

Ghar Pe Shiksha is a platform that connects tutors and students with each other by providing home tutors or home tuitions for those students who wanted to get in-house coaching for their children.

The company was founded in 2014 as per the website but the reality is way different.

They also provide video courses on their website.

And according to the website, there are 35k + registered tutors in their company and the company main office is in Delhi.

Earlier the company was only limited to Delhi only and the concept of earlier times was just to connect the tutors and students but after the pandemic, they were providing online tutors and coaching classes.

Which is the Gharpeshiksha app?

The app of Gharpeshiksha is GharPeShiksha for Tutors – Get Home Tutor Jobs

What is the Gharpeshiksha address?

The Gharpeshiksha address is Shop No. 24, DDA Market Patel Road New Delhi, Delhi – 110008.

What is the Ghar pe shiksha customer care number?

The Ghar pe Shiksha customer care number is:

  • Sales:(+91)7065-5557-05
  • Service:(+91)7065-9509-85

Can you make money with Gharpeshikhsa?

There’s no proof that tutors who were registered or teaching in the company were earning a good amount of money or not so we can’t say anything about it but the one thing we can say is that students were losing money in this.

Honest and Unbaised Review of ghar pe shiksha | Is Ghar pe shiksha is real or fake? | Is ghar pe shiksha genuine?

There are multiple things which have been found about this company when we searched and analysed the web.


When we had checked that the company is registered privately or not on Zaubacorp we didn’t find the company because the company isn’t registered.

If you are in the business since 2014 then you need to register your business if you are doing it professionally then.

But the main thing that comes here is that whenever a company started they at same time start a website but the website says that the company was started in 2014 but the domain had been registered in 2016.

What that does mean?

2.Tutor registration

In normal coaching, tutors get money on the basis of their qualification and how many days they had taught the students but in Ghar pe Shiksha you need to take or invest in the membership plans of the company.

Which doesn’t sound good for tutors.

3.Number of registered tutors

As the website says that there are 35k registered tutors but when you go to their play store app description you will see that there are only 10k registered tutors.

And if there are many employees or tutors then in LinkedIn why there are only 67 employees in the company.

4.Social media

When we have checked the social media platforms all the platforms were either empty or not having content on it or they were having only posts which were related to festivals and motivational quotes.

5. CEO and founder

On the website, there are no mention of the CEO and the founder of the company which every small company gives in their website.

But as per google, the CEO is Akhilesh Bali. and as per Facebook, it’s Manish Chawla.

So, that’s how the company is running without knowing who is the CEO and Founder of the company.

6.Refund policy

There’s is no refund policy as they had mentioned in their policy but as per other education companies who were providing the same tuition or online course facility were providing at least 30 days money-back guarantee.

Maybe they also know that after purchasing the product or service the student will guarantee will ask for a refund that’s why they hadn’t given that.

7. App

When you look into their app in their app store you will find that there are mostly bad reviews from the students and the users.

Final thoughts:

As per looking at all the things about the company it doesn’t seem to be a genuine company because the company that’s not having information about their CEO can’t be genuine.

So, if you are investing or taking any course then there are chances that as a student you will get nothing in return so better invest in something where you at least get the education.

What are the ghar pe shiksha quora reviews? (ghar pe shiksha reviews)

Most of the students who have used it or purchased their services were saying that they have paid the fees but didn’t get any coaching or didn’t get any tutors.

And when they call customer care they never pick up the call.


So, this is all for the [Reality] Is Ghar Pe Shiksha A Fraud Or Real?

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