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What is Gen YouTube? | Genyoutube Download YouTube Video | Gen Youtube Downloader
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In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about What is GenYouTube? | Genyoutube Download YouTube Video | Gen Youtube Downloader.

When we are searching on youtube we found about genyt.net or Genyoutube and we wonder what it really is.

And we started researching about it on the web and we found some amazing answers.

But now you were wondering how this will gonna help us?

So, if you are a person who wants to watch a video by downloading it or you regularly download youtube content then this article will gonna help you a lot with it.

After searching for more than 200+ website we had found about this website which helps users to save youtube videos on their respective devices.

As a content creator & SEO executive having more than 4+ years of experience in the field of digital marketing i know that there are some time when you need some tool or resource through which you can save any videos from internet.

Let’s get started.

What is GenYouTube? | Genyt | Genyoutube Download YouTube Video | Gen Youtube Downloader | Genyt youtube

Started in2017-09-20
Content-typeYoutube Video downloader
ApkGenyoutube APK
Traffic1.80 million per month (According to similar web)

Recently searching for something on youtube we got to know about Gen Youtube or gen youtube downloader which is one of the websites that people were not talking about that much.

What is Gen youtube? (gen you youtube)

Genyoutube or Genyt.net is a website in which you can download any youtube video from youtube you just need to copy the URL and paste it into the genyt website. (genyt youtube downloader)

What is Gen YouTube? | Genyoutube Download YouTube Video | Gen Youtube Downloader

And you can easily download the video into so many different forms as shown in the image below.

Not only that he also had an extension over 3 web browsers.

And it’s having a similar algorithm to youtube because when you paste a video link to download you will get a similar video suggestion like youtube recommends a video when you watch a video.

That’s the only reason it has audience retention of about 8 minutes.

What is Gen YouTube? | Genyoutube Download YouTube Video | Gen Youtube Downloader

Now you got to know what is gen youtube and what it does.

Let’s check some insights about this website:


According to a similar web, it’s getting more than 2 million traffic per month.

What is Gen YouTube? | Genyoutube Download YouTube Video | Gen Youtube Downloader

2. Started in

It was started in 2017 and it was mostly getting traffic from India.

What is Gen YouTube? | Genyoutube Download YouTube Video | Gen Youtube Downloader

3. Backlinks

It’s having more than 80k backlinks and it’s a very authoritative website.

What is Gen YouTube? | Genyoutube Download YouTube Video | Gen Youtube Downloader

But one thing is that whoever had built this website is an amazing web developer and programmer.

How to download a video from Gen Youtube? | Genyoutube video downloader | How do I download a YouTube Gen?

To download a video from Gen Youtube follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to Gen youtube website which is: Genyoutube

Step 2: Paste the link to the video which you want to download.

Step 3: Click on the generate the download link button.

Step 4: Then you will get an option to download the video into different formats.

Step 5: Click on the desired video format and your video will start downloading.

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How does the genyt website work?

The website works by providing the user to download the youtube video which they want to download by using youtube API where it fetched the data from youtube API and then give the option to download all the videos in different formats to download.

What are the income sources of the genyt website?

The income sources of the genyt website is:

  • Google adsense ads

What are the features of the genyt?

The features of the genyt were:

  • Easy to downlaod the youtube videos
  • Get various formats to downlaod the youtube videos
  • No spammy ads & popups

What had made genyt the website so popular?

In the time where most of the people were locked up in their homes were searching to watch videos and many of them were willing to watch & download some videos on their devices or share the videos with their friends that’s what had made this type of youtube video downloader website popular.

What are the top searched keywords in gen youtube?

The top searched keywords in the gen youtube were:

  • genyt
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What are the other alternatives of Genyoutube? (Genyoutube alternatives)

The other alternative of the genyoutube were:


Is Genyoutube safe to use?

Yes, it’s totally safe to use Genyoutube because they were not using any kind of spammy ads or popups instead of that they were using google adsense ads and if you don’t know then let me tell you that google adsense approval isn’t given to any illegal or spammy websites.

Is Genyoutube illegal?

No, genyoutube isn’t illegal because they were using API through which they were fetching data from youtube which is completely legal and it’s 100% safe.


So, this is all for ▷ GenYoutube – Download Youtube Video [FAST] & [FREE].

If you want to know more about Youtube then you can read our other articles on Youtube Mini.

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