GauravZone Arrested By Delhi Police?


In today’s article on Youtube mini, we will discuss on the topic of GauravZone Arrested By Delhi Police!!!

Most of us know Gauravzone as a clickbait king on Youtube.

But now the matter is something else which we will tell you on this article.

So, let’s get started.

GauravZone Arrested By Delhi Police?

We all know that Gauravzone is one of the Famous vloggers in India and he had more than 4 million subscribers on Youtube.

Although he does lots of clickbaity video but at the same time he brings new type of content which no other youtuber is doing right now.

But now many people were saying that he had arrested by Delhi police.

In his recent video or vlogs he and his mother in his vlog tied lots of balloons in his dog name Dollar.

And flew his dog so some Animal organisation saw that video and filed a complaint against Gaurav zone and his mother.

But there’s no news or proof that he got arrested by Delhi police but yes the animal organisation had filed a complaint against him and her mother.

So, after filing case against the youtuber gauravzone he had deleted a video and released a sorry video in his channel.

Because millions of people were watching his videos daily and these influencers were having large amount of influence over people.

They had to take care of what they do in front of camera.


So, this is all about GauravZone Arrested By Delhi Police?

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