Who is Flying Beast?

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In today’s article, we will be talking all about flying beast aka Gaurav Taneja.

We will answer all the queries which were not answered on youtube as well as on the web.

So, let’s get started.

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Who is the Flying beast?

Flying Beast

Flying beast aka Gaurav Taneja is a Youtuber who had 4.72 million subscribers on one of his channels on youtube not only that he’s an engineer from IIT Kharagpur, a certified pilot, certified nutritionist and a bodybuilder.

He had started his youtube journey on youtube on January 30, 2016, from Fitmuscle tv his first channel where he gives information about bodybuilding.

In his channel flying beast, he has over 1.84 million subscribers.

Not only that he also had another gaming channel which is known as Rashbhari ke papa which is having more than 1.28 million subscribers.

In 2021 he had 3 channels over youtube and all channels were having more than 1 million subscribers.

After getting recognition on youtube he had started his vlogs channel which is known as Flying beast.

He loves playing cricket you can see in his vlogs how much he loves to play cricket.

What does Flying beast mean?

The name comes from himself only he fly aircraft so there comes flying and he’s a bodybuilder and had a body like a beast so after combining both it becomes a flying beast.

What is the name of Flying beast daughter? | Flying beast kids

The name of Flying beast daughter is Kaira Tanjea also known as Rashbhari or Rashu or Golu or Chiklu.

Flying Beast

When was the first vlog of flying beast uploaded?

The first vlog at flying beast was uploaded on Dec 10, 2017.

What is the name of flying beast dog? | Which dog does flying beast have?

The dog flying beast have is Labrador and the name of the flying beast dog is: Mau

What is the age of Gaurav taneja?

The age of Gaurav Taneja is: 34 years

What is the height of flying beast?

The height of Gaurav Taneja is: 5 feet 7 inches

Who is the manager of flying beast?

Earlier we all know that Monk entertainment company was the manager of Gaurav Taneja but now Gaurav Taneja didn’t talk more about it.

Which brand of protein do gaurav taneja use? | gaurav taneja protein | flying beast protein

The protein brand that Gaurav taneja use is: My portein

What is the name of Flying beast gaming channel?

The name of gaurav taneja gaming channel is: Rashbhari ke papa.

Gaurav Taneja social media handles? | Flying beast instagram

The social media handles of Gaurav Taneja is:

  • Instagram – taneja.gaurav
  • Twitter – Flying beast

How much gaurav taneja gaming pc cost?

The cost of the Gaurav Taneja gaming pc which he uses in his gaming channel Rashbhari ke papa is: Rs.3 Lakhs

Where is gaurav taneja new house?

The new house of Gaurav Taneja is in Lucknow because of Ritu Rathee job.

What is the flying beast mama earth coupon code? | Mamaearth gaurav taneja code | flying beast mamaearth coupon code

The coupon code of Gaurav Taneja mama earth is: Flyingbeast2021

Why gaurav taneja is suspended from Air asia?

Gaurav Taneja is suspended because he had reported some security reasons in Airplanes in Air Asia so the higher authorities had file a case against Gaurav Taneja so the case is now in court.

And Air Asia has suspended Gaurav Taneja from the job of a pilot.

Who is gaurav taneja wife? | flying beast wife

Flying Beast

The wife of Gaurav Taneja is: Ritu Rathee

She is also a pilot and now he is also a content creator and an influencer.

The age of Ritu Rathee is: 31 years

The social media handles of Ritu Rathee were:

  • Instagram: Ritu Rathee
  • Twitter: Captian Ritu Rathee

What are the flying beast earnings from his youtube channel? | Flying beast earnings

The earning from the flying beast youtube channel were:

All these stats were gathered from the social blade.

Flying beast: More than 14 lakh rupees per month (minimum)

Fit muscle tv: More than 80k because he wasn’t consistent in his channel

Rashbhari ke papa: More than 7k

This is not the exact amount but it was an approximate figure which is only from youtube we hadn’t included sponsorships.

How flying beast meet Honey Singh? | Relation between flying beast and honey singh? | Honey singh flying beast

After his cute little daughter, Instagram reel got famous which is “Ataa daal sabji” honey Singh found that video and made a video on that they got interacted and honey Singh invited them after his launch of the new song ” Jingle bell” and also they were invited in honey Singh sister wedding.

Which is the new car of Gaurav Taneja aka Flying beast?

The new car of Gaurav Taneja aka Flying beast which is selected at the last moment is BMW 2 series in white colour which is shown in the vlog but earlier they were thinking of buying BMW X4 or BMW 5 series.

And the car will be delivered on 24 March 2021.


1.Will Gaurav Taneja does not get any pilot jobs after the AirAsia controversy that occurred?

After filing a complaint against Air Asia in the pandemic and making it public to all the people over youtube he made a very big and tough decision.

After that Air, Asia had fired Gaurav Taneja but after that, no company is ready to take him on their company because already there is a pandemic going on and the business wasn’t good.

At that time if anyone takes Gaurav Taneja although he is a very good pilot the company reputation will get damaged that’s why no company has taken him as a pilot and neither Gaurav Taneja had applied for the job.

2.Who is Rasbhari or Chiklu? Why is she a famous child?

Rashbhari aka Chiklu is the daughter of Gaurav Taneja he is one of the famous children on youtube because of his cuteness which every child has.

And because of Gaurav Taneja and Rashbhari, the chemistry of Dad and daughter seems very interesting for people who watch their videos.

Because Gaurav Tanjea is a vlogger and he shows his life that can be a reason why Rashbhari or chiklu is very famous.

3.How did Gaurav Taneja become famous in India?

Most of the vloggers in India whether it’s Mumbiker Nikhil, Msk Vlogs and many more they show us a single and bachelor life.

And earlier all think that we will only watch the content which is not related to a family n all.

But what makes Gaurav Taneja more famous is how he shows his family and his cute little daughter to all the viewers is very unique and rare and not many people were doing it.

That’s the reason why he’s famous and not because of his concept his hard work and his dedication to doing youtube has made him famous on youtube.

4.Is Gaurav Taneja’s YouTube video successful just because of his daughter?

Most of the people on youtube think that Gaurav Taneja is just famous because of his daughter Rashbhari and his wife Ritu Rathee.

But that’s just a half part of the story.

He started showing more of his personal life when the pandemic had arrived before that he isn’t making too much family content and the content he was making is every time new which is very difficult for any vlogger.

And not only that he is also doing his job as a Pilot.

Yes, his daughter somewhere made him famous but it doesn’t mean that his channel is only running because of his daughter without Gaurav Taneja there will be no interesting content on his channel.

5.What is the name of Gaurav Taneja’s (flying beast) third YouTube channel?

The name of Gaurav Taneja’s third Youtube channel is: Rashbhari ke papa

6.What job did YouTuber Gaurav Taneja’s father have?

Gaurav Tanjea’s father was worked in many different banks nationally as well as internationally.

7.How will Gaurav Taneja (Flying Beast, YouTuber) earn after getting fired by the airline company Air Asia?

After getting fired from the job of the pilot in Air Asia he had only one thing left which is his Youtube channel so he started putting in more effort and now he had 3 channels over youtube.

And you can’t imagine how much money he is earning now from all 3 channels or you can say that he’s earning more from his pilot job.

8.Why does Flying Beast (Gaurav Taneja) call his daughter Rasbhari even when her real name is Kayra?

Flying beast calls his daughter Rashbhari in terms of love we also call our loved ones or our child with so many names likewise Gaurav Taneja also call his daughter Rashbhari or chiklu or jaan and more.

But the real name of Gaurav Taneja or flying beast daughter is Kayra Tanja.


So, this is all about Gaurav Taneja who is a famous YouTuber, vlogger and influencer.

If you find it helpful to know more about Gaurav Taneja then make sure you share it with others.

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