FGTeeV | What is FGTeeV? | Net worth | Toys | Merch

FGTeeV | What is FGTeeV? | Net worth | Toys | Merch
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In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about FGTeeV | What is FGTeeV? | Net worth | Toys | Merch.

FGTeev is one of the most popular gaming channels on youtube.

But as fans, we wanted to know more about them and their family. But on the web, we didn’t found as much information as we wanted to know about them.

So, in this article, we will make sure that we will provide each and every piece of information about FGTeev.

Let’s get started.

FGTeeV | What is FGTeeV? | Net worth | Toys | Merch

First of all, we will answer some basic questions about FGTeev and what they do.

Channel nameFGTeev (Family gaming team)
Subscribers19.6 million subscribers
Started inMay 24, 2013
NicheGaming channel
Instagram FGTeev Instagram
FacebookFGTeeV Official

What is FGTeev?

FGTeev is a Facebook channel of a family that plays different games with the family and upload that gameplay on youtube like other gaming YouTubers. Currently, they had 19.6 million subscribers and the family members were Chase, Lexi, Duddy, Mike.

How many channels does FGTeev Family have?

They had in total 4 channels:

  • Main channel i.e FGTeev – 19.6 million subscribers
  • Family vlog channel – 8.33 million subscribers
  • Skylanders channel – 2.65 million subscribers
  • Doh Much Fun Toy channel – 1.82 million subscribers

What are the FGTeev toys?

There are 2 toys that were famous and available on Amazon:

1.FGTeeV Giant TV Mystery Pack Series 3

FGTeeV | What is FGTeeV? | Net worth | Toys | Merch

2. FGTeeV – Roleplay Fart Flinger

How much does fgteev make?

According to the social blade, the monthly income of their one main channel is $59k -$943k per month only from youtube.

Where does fgteev live?

According to some of the stores (Stew Leonard’s), they visit in their video they can be living in Norwalk, Connecticut, United States

How old is chase from fgteev?

The age of chase from FGTeev can be 7-8 years old.

How old is lexi from fgteev?

Age of Lexi from FGTeev is 15 years old.

How old is fgteev duddy?

The age of FGTeeV Duddy is 45 years old.

What’s the real name of fgteev duddy?

The real name of Duddy of Fgteev is: Vincent Carter

The real name of FGTeev mom is: Samantha

How old is fgteev mom?

The age of FGteev mom is 39 years old.

Where to buy Fgteev merch?

To buy FGTeev merch just visit this site: fgteev.com


So, this is all for FGTeeV | What is FGTeeV? | Net worth | Toys | Merch.

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